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# 16
Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
10-11-2016, 00:27:02 AM
Don't mind me, just preparing for the next election...

# 17

This poo poo here is like fetching extra strength. That 48 hour protection poo poo is the real deal. It's got three big knocks though. 1. When you first put it on, it's really damn strong, and you smell like "That guy who always puts on too much cologne". 2. Didn't last me more than 2-3 months tops. 3. Tastes really bad.

Bought this at the gas station, alongside a pint of Old Rasputin Imperial Ale, because I had work the next day, and forgot to buy deodorant at the grocery store. You can barely smell it, so people won't notice you're wearing deodorant, but you won't smell like you aren't wearing deodorant either. Also a top choice of Tattoo Artists; My dad always had a stick of this around, but almost exclusively used it for applying stencils.
# 18
BROTRR Discussion / The WINNER Archive Project
09-11-2016, 20:39:52 PM
if he doesn't respond i know a secret chatroom where you can find him
He has it now. It's k.
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
09-11-2016, 20:37:59 PM
Climate change will destroy us all
Meh. Most people deserve it anyways.
# 20
BROTRR Discussion / The WINNER Archive Project
06-11-2016, 18:14:44 PM
I got ahold of a Stalin Vs. Martians ISO in it's native Russian. PMing Maraakate with info. Capn Crunch is next.
# 21
Linux Gaming / Rocket League coming to Linux
19-04-2016, 23:30:05 PM
I love how we get tons of announcements for games coming for linux and then they dissipate.
I mean, I got my gaming rig dual booted, so it's fine, but I'd love to not have to use windows for anything but Killer Instinct, Visual Studio, and Excel.
# 22
Adminiature Art Hour / Big Rigs Wallpaper
19-04-2016, 17:48:00 PM
I am currently creating a Big Rigs themed linux distro.
I need  :stamp: wallpaper, and a Big Rigs start icon.

# 23
Social/Off-Topic / BEER TOPIC
19-04-2016, 17:24:00 PM
Had my first Gose the other day. Is there anything Sierra Nevada makes that isn't good?
# 24
BROTRR Discussion / i like big rigs
19-04-2016, 17:20:06 PM
Ya man  :roddy: the man got a taster cakes boy sho  nuff big rigs is great
# 25
I will have to watch this after I am home from work, but this reminds me of seeing a middle school kid get on the bus and start rolling a joint
Where I live, middle schooles would never roll a joint on the bus. Instead they just sell each other weed in the middle of class.
# 26
Linux Gaming / Street Fighter V
21-12-2015, 21:19:19 PM
this is pretty exciting because

1) capcom is the first big japanese publisher to support us
2) it gives us hope that other games like the resident evil 2 remake can come to SteamOS as well
3) this is the 2ND fighting game to come to SteamOS. the other is skullgirls which is too hardcore
4) a lot of nerds play this game

Skullgirls is easy mode marvel, wut the hell?
Also, you can play fightcade on linux, but I guess that doesn't REALLY count.
# 27
Social/Off-Topic / Fav Linux Distros?
21-12-2015, 21:16:24 PM
Steev, what do u think of arch?
# 28
Social/Off-Topic / Fav Linux Distros?
21-12-2015, 00:51:07 AM
Personally, I'm a huge fan of Hannah Montanna Linux.
# 29
Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
21-12-2015, 00:23:22 AM
Ten reasons John Mcafee should be the next US president.

1. John Mcafee is like Tony Stark, but instead of a drinking problem, he snorts coke.
2. John Mcafee wants to legalize weed
3. Unlike Waka Flocka Flame, John Mcafee can legally become president
4. The president is under constant survailance. If elected, John Mcafee wouldn't be able to get away with comitting murder and running away to South America again.
5. John Mcafee will help us win the cyber war against China
6. John Mcafee is not a Socialist
7. John Mcafee is not a Libertarian
8. John Mcafee is an actual centerist, who focuses on real issues
9. John Mcafee would have great connections with Russia. He's good with computers, drugs, and weapons. Him and Putin would make great coke buddies
10. John Mcafee is actually running for president.

# 30
Linux Gaming / Street Fighter V
21-12-2015, 00:12:35 AM
I just finished playing Beta 3. I love this game. The only reasons I have a windows partition are Big Rigs, Street Fighter 5, and Microsoft access.
Maybe I'll just use wine for BROTRR in the future.
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