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# 16
Looks sick. I hope it'll live up to the first one. Lack of Sir Charles has me worried.
# 17
Costs 10% of your current rigcoins comrade  :stalin:

All proceeds go towards glorious mother russia.
# 18
# 19
Gaming / E3 Expo
04-06-2012, 15:06:44 PM
Microsoft's conference: :mc:, Usher, Internet Explorer, Kinect.
And Lara Croft moaning like she's got an orgasm.

Well, it looks like Sony gonna win it again this year. Pee Ess Tripple. :ballin:
# 20
Feedback/Help / More items.
21-05-2012, 16:36:05 PM
Come on, gotta have a new shipment of something.
# 21
BROTRR Discussion / I'll admit it....
18-05-2012, 16:57:39 PM
I have a copy of halo 2 in my house to build up a resistance to LOSER. I don't have an X-Box to play it on though, so I'll never be tempted to play that trash.  :belair:
# 22
As long as the changes aren't reverted, and the article isn't deleted.
# 23
Do it.
# 24
They're just like you.
Except they're hot.
# 25
Inquiring minds want to know.
On a scale of Thunder to 10.
# 26
BROTRR Discussion / New Discovery
28-04-2012, 16:32:32 PM
When I was browsing amazon, and on the BROTRR section, I saw a name I was unfamiliar with...
COKeM International...

Apparently these guys have the rights to publish BROTRR in the USA.

Maybe we should let them know of our existance...
# 27
Social/Off-Topic / Happy 420
20-04-2012, 12:29:30 PM
 :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare: :dare:

# 28
Gaming / Battleduty: Modern Field 3
13-04-2012, 21:58:53 PM

I don't know if a game can get any more grey, or infringe on that many copyrights.
# 29
convince two famous people to do a Big Rigs themed porn:
A: Would you do it?
B: Would you succeed?
C: What famous people?
D: How would you convince them?
E: How would you spend the money?
F: What would you do to whoever offered the prize?
G: How much would you charge Thunder to let him have a copy?
# 30
Fetish Discussion / Big Rigs.
01-04-2012, 19:06:10 PM

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