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BROTRR Discussion / Ay Shaq-Fu 2 came out.
06-06-2018, 02:02:53 AM

Also first DLC is coming soon, Barack-Fu.
# 2
Social/Off-Topic / Cuck
28-11-2016, 20:20:36 PM
# 3
Gaming / Kimulator
26-11-2016, 02:06:35 AM
This is a real game that exists on steam, and is on sale for 99 cents.

Haven't seen an FPS this good since Daikatana.
# 4
Adminiature Art Hour / Big Rigs Wallpaper
19-04-2016, 17:48:00 PM
I am currently creating a Big Rigs themed linux distro.
I need  :stamp: wallpaper, and a Big Rigs start icon.

# 5
Social/Off-Topic / Fav Linux Distros?
21-12-2015, 00:51:07 AM
Personally, I'm a huge fan of Hannah Montanna Linux.
# 6
Friend of mine wants erectile enhancement, and he doesn't own a PC to play BROTTR on.

What kind of pills should he take?
# 7
Why is it even still up? Wiki's are the way of the past. Everyone knows that the future is blogging. Replace wiki with WINNERblog. It's just like WINNERwiki, except that instead of searching for things you want to know about, it tells you want you want to know about, and then tells you about it.
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# 9
Tech help plz.

My game keeps having this problem where my vehicle, no matter which one I use, moves in a stop-go-stop-go pattern, like it's running at a low frame rate. Maybe it has something to do with my monitor refresh rate or something? I'm kinda getting irritated at not being able to experience my favorite game at optimum speed, instead of having to watch it like a slideshow.
# 10

This just in:
Campers are non-heterosexual persongots.

But that's ok, because conformity and gay sex, and all that jazz.
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# 12

Thank you for writing this. You've given much to the English language.
# 13

Good fetching luck.

I want an achievement cube for anyone who can actually beat Christopher Robin, and provide proof.
# 14

Another basketball player, empowered by Lord Stell, and Old Spice, saves the planet from Myans and crappy overused memes.
# 15
Given to the first person who's willing to post a video of them eating one at their local Taco Bell.

Also, I never got my Doritos Taco achievement cube. I not only ate Two of them, but I also beat the Taco Bell Gym Leader with only Bidoofs. :bidoof:
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