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# 421
Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
12-05-2017, 04:56:14 AM
So I'm living in a graveyard? Because for some reason I can't join the discord server and I can't use the WINNER APP because I have Windows Phone so I have to use Internet Explorer and this forum is the only WINNER place I can live in. Anyway I'm happy here, perhaps I'll make my own pages of rigist teachings someday (if my superior BROTRRers allow me to do so). :belair:
# 422
But I want to play using trucks, nobody else does?
# 423
Back in the old days where EA used to be WINNER and owned the best racing games (featuring tunning and cars), NFSU2 is still my favorite racing game ever. And a few weeks ago I just discovered that people still play that game online using a program called GameRanger, I was amazed. I enjoyed playing with random dudes and everything, but it was still lacking some WINNERness... and now that my account was finally approved in this WINNER site I was thinking: Why not to make some WINNER sessions with my new fellow BROTRRers? This game has 3 trucks after all, and I've never raced with trucks online in that game.
So if anyone is interested please let me know in this topic, I could use your WINNERness to make this already great game more funnier.
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# 424
WINNER Help / Can't play games on Windows XP
28-04-2017, 03:27:44 AM
Lord STELLAR has heard my pleas! It turned out that I didn't have video drivers installed. So I asked my brother where to find one and fortunately there was one in the internet. That definitely had to solve the issue and the first thing I did... yes, you guessed it, PLAY BROTRR. Everything was perfect, I've experienced the longest loading screen in my life, it was beautiful, just flawless. Feels great to be WINNER again.
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# 425
WINNER Help / Can't play games on Windows XP
27-04-2017, 01:49:30 AM
I'm using a computer that is so poo pooty that Windows XP is my best option. I when I try to install and open any game it showes me an error saying that "the program has encountered an error and has to be closed" (actually my system is in spanish but it says something like that anyway). I don't know what to do, google didn't save me this time so I'm not WINNER !, please help me, I can't even play BROTRR, I NEED TO BE WINNER !
# 426
Yeah, Bark! Entertainment seems WINNER ! enough to me. YOU'RE WINNER !
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