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# 46
Lately I haven't been feeling too good. I'm always busy, the people I see everyday are difficult to talk to, and all my older friends have gone their separate ways. I've had problems with sleeping for years, but it's even more difficult now because the stray cats are in heat this time of year and they are yowling. The WINNERs that I knew in person have gone off and rarely use the internet, so keeping in touch with them is very difficult. Does anyone have anything, some advice, a song, a video, that always cheers them up when they're down? I can't really enjoy Big Rigs to its fullest potential like this.

tl;dr-My friends are all gone and I'm tired, I'd appreciate if you tried to cheer me up.
# 47
The latest Total Recall was awful. It wasn't worth watching at all, the plot was awful. Things get ridiculous to the point where it's not enjoyable, simply because the movie never seems to acknowledge how bizarre they are. For instance, at one point the main character fights the villain on top of a massive elevator passing through the center of the Earth. The characters all act unintelligent and unrealistically, which is shame since there were some great actors in it.

tl;dr: Don't bother.
# 48
I'm not sure if anyone has seen this before, but I'm glad that the Rigs are still among us. Pretty WINNER if you ask me.

# 49
I'd buy myself a Harley Davidson menstrual cycle and pop wheelies all day long

# 50
Gaming / Roguelike Topic
08-09-2014, 23:18:07 PM
Just jumping in here; has anyone tried Azure Dreams on the PS1? It's one of my favorite rogue-likes, as well as one of my favorite games of all time. Imagine if Rogue, Sim City, Pokemon, and a Dating Sim were blended into together. As strange as it may sound, it manages to pull it off in spades. With just enough originality, difficulty, and interesting side quests, it's one of the most addicting games I've ever played.
# 51
It was a good, well written song, but you didn't use the word "WINNER !" correctly. It was all lowercase. Of course, I'm sure that was the fault of auto-correct being LOSER !
# 52
Why, thank you. There are many more WINNER songs that the community has written, but unfortunately, most of them have been deleted by the LOSER moderators.
# 53
I call it The WINNER Song. I'm not sure how long it will last, since the mods are LOSER quite often, so check it out while it lasts.
# 54
Ohaithar, Splicer.

Hey, Zednark! You still show up from time to time. Glad to see you here.

Unfortunately, everything is slowing down on the Big Rigs board again. I wish that the community would have some kind of revival.
# 55
The Superman 64 board is still really active, but the mods there are really strict and have a habit of deleting topics. The board got modstriked last year and we lost about twenty topics.

I feel like the boards are going through a drought. Everything was much more active last year, but everything is slowing down now. I hope that this will soon pass and the boards will return to their former glory.
# 56
It's not as active as it used to be, but it still has devoted Rigists who visit on a daily basis. We have a topic about the tricks we've pulled off after jumping off the ramp in Nightride. It's really incredible.
# 57
I stayed back at GameFAQS to continue the never ending struggle against the forces of LOSER ! Unfortunately, it seems like many of the great WINNERS have left us. Is there a chance that there will be a glorious return? Will the inevitable second coming of Stell cause everyone to regather? I am not sure when, or if, everyone will return, but if some people here could even briefly make some topics or responses on the Big Rigs board it would be a great help. Lastly, always remember, YOU'RE WINNER !
# 58
Gaming / Minecraft Server
19-07-2013, 13:14:28 PM
Hey guys, I'm new to this site, but I have been a member of the BROTRRhood for many years. Most of my activity took place on GameFAQS, where the WINNERs are eternally persecuted for their beliefs. I would love to play on the WINNERcraft server, which I'm assuming has a Church of Rigism built already, and my username is huepow. If you need proof that I am a WINNER, you can go to the WINNER boards on GameFAQS and see years worth of responses, or you could ask LordRattergun, a very WINNER individual and the one who brought me to Rigism. Thank you in advance.
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