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# 31
did u have lemon curd

It sounds like you curd the news. It's imported directly from England, and it's still in stock. It goes great with clotted cream.
# 32
I was making a sandwich, thought it up, and remembered the topics by steev. I felt like it would fit in on these boards.

I might have to make more of these, this got a lot more responses than I anticipated, most of which are admittedly better than mine.
# 33
I'm jelly of your funny jokes

All I need to do is stay up later than my body can handle, and my sense of humor changes to this.
# 34
"Hey man, that's my jam!"
# 35
New text:

"Here lies Firedorn, a bard, a poet 
He was also a card, but most didn't know it 
A poem he wrote in jest was misread 
They asked for blood, so now he's just dead"

Honestly, I think this is infinitely better, and even slightly funny. I would have the final line read "now he is dead" instead of "just dead," but I think the little reference to how people reacted to his previous little poem is entertaining.

I don't want to reopen this can of worms and start another argument, but the way that he states that it was misread seems to imply that it wasn't intended to be about  transwomen at all.
# 36
Honestly, I wouldn't miss it if it was removed. If anything, I still see that the joke is at the expense of the drunken idiot who overreacted by killing himself rather than the person he bedded who was either gay(far more likely) or trans.

It does really show that the devs didn't check things carefully though, they should have noticed that this one could offend people, as well as the typo.
# 37
From what I've seen and heard, it's a good game, and I am genuinely interested in buying it.

As for the "transmisogynistic joke," unless I'm mistaken, it would be more homophobic than anything else. A drunk man accidentally went to bed with another man and killed himself as a result. It's not really funny, but I don't see how it's very offensive, either.
# 38
That rap was the most Ballin' thing I've heard all year.
# 39
I've done a fair amount of songs about Big Rigs, as well as Superman 64 from time to time. That's one of the few reasons why I still go to GameFAQs, the WINNER community on the site makes lots of great songs.
# 40
Gaming / The 2015 GOTY has been announced!
09-03-2015, 21:05:40 PM
I seriously can't believe it, Bad Rats 2 is going to be released this year!

I have no idea how on earth they can improve upon the perfection that is Bad Rats: The Revenge, but I only have the highest expectations from such an excellent company. I'm looking forward to preordering multiple copies of this masterpiece.
# 41
Gaming / Finally a bundle for ME
18-11-2014, 21:37:25 PM
Looks like that site finally got things right.
# 42
Linux Gaming / Today was a good day
17-10-2014, 20:31:40 PM
Bad Rats

An excellent game, if you ask me. Definitely worth playing through.
# 43
As a fan of The Room, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Troll 2, and so on, I'll have to check that movie out.

I really don't take the internet seriously. I mostly use it for connecting with old friends, discussing games, and watching videos.
# 44
go watch the mighty ducks 2, you will laugh the whole movie!

laugh at how bad it was i mean!

Wait, that exists? I have check that out.
# 45
Thanks guys. I feel a lot better now after reading your posts and getting some rest.
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