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Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
27-09-2015, 19:13:43 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
27-09-2015, 19:07:40 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
26-09-2015, 18:53:06 PM

The most infamous Laughing Colours post need not be brought up.

what was that?  I don't know it

They made a joke about gang rape, and it made the page become infamously popular in certain groups. They deleted the post, but there are screenshots if you want to look for them.
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
16-09-2015, 23:35:56 PM
Happy Birthday- Rakesh Roshan

Laughing Colours had some interesting posts a while back. They had a large image of Hitler that they posted on his birthday, but they deleted it after a few hours. I don't know if they had an admin who went rogue, or if the page supports a Fourth Reich and didn't expect people to get offended.

The most infamous Laughing Colours post need not be brought up.
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Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs
09-09-2015, 01:33:23 AM
Illusion of Gaia is really good, along with the other games in the Soul Blazer series. They aren't exactly RPGs, but you listed To the Moon, which I wouldn't really consider an RPG. I really liked it, and it may or may not have made lose it completely, but I wouldn't call it an RPG.
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Most of my songs are about King Supez, but I finally got around to writing one about BROTRR again. It's titled "Not Your Kind of Rigists."
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BROTRR Discussion / An Homage to Big Rigs
28-07-2015, 18:15:45 PM
I posted this a while back on the Big Rigs board on GameFAQs, but I don't think that anyone on this site has seen it.
A friend of mine called me the other day and asked me if I wanted to join them and watch an anime with them and their friends. I decided to go, since my previous plans had been cancelled. I got there a couple minutes after it started, the main character and his sister were playing a chess game against some mysterious messenger. After a long period of time, they finally put their opponent into checkmate, and this message pops up:

Incredible, isn't it? I never knew that Big Rigs had an effect on the east, since it was never released outside of the US. It's nice to know that there are dedicated members of the BROTRRhood willing to hunt down this incredibly rare game.
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Social/Off-Topic / Reddit
03-07-2015, 13:40:56 PM
I don't believe that Moot is in any position to give that award.

As for Reddit, I'd prefer if they didn't migrate over here. They have Voat as an alternative.
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This destroys anything that E3 has to offer.
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Linux Gaming / Game giveaway: Verdun (x2)
26-05-2015, 00:17:15 AM
Whoops, I forgot I owned it. Funny enough, I got the game for free a while back.
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Social/Off-Topic / frick I'm 32 today
23-05-2015, 01:16:08 AM
Happy birthday, Elder Zigs.
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Linux Gaming / Game giveaway: Verdun (x2)
20-05-2015, 00:39:45 AM
"Verdun's about to make you its bitch"
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Linux Gaming / Game Giveaway: Besiege
20-05-2015, 00:37:50 AM
This is glorious. Please make your creations available to the public, the world needs more WINNER creations like this.
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Gaming / Game Giveaway suggestions???
11-05-2015, 16:04:09 PM
Cities Skylines, This War of Mine, Pillars of Eternity, or Hotline Miami 2 would be cool.
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Gaming / I bought a Japanese PSP for $26
26-04-2015, 20:59:26 PM
Is the PSP region locked?
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