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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
02-12-2023, 19:46:28 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / It's been a decade
01-12-2023, 20:52:04 PM
This forum will never die. I am a proud member of the YW community and I eagerly await 2024.

You're epic my dude
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my favorite part is being OVER the road. If you're on it, you're basic.
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Gaming / VIDEO
29-11-2023, 23:14:04 PM
I really vibe with this.
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Social/Off-Topic / It's been a decade
29-11-2023, 22:52:21 PM
And you're all still  :stamp:

Just watched Kurzgesagt's latest video and I remembered this forum. F-riggin' hilarious that my banner is still up. :bidoof: Edit: I had to use wayback machine to get my profile image and banner gif back.

Here's a crazy thought. The video talks about going BACK to forums again. So like... what if because of this video, everyone starts leaving social media for smaller forums? Then yourewinner will make a FULL REVERSAL and become the winnerest. Yourewinner will become the king of all forums because nowhere else fills you with  :stamp: energy. Other forums would then pay us so we could afford these OUTRAGEOUS (but apparently cheap) website fees. Nothing will stop us! Not even the police barricades! We will all be BROTRRs and cross all the finish lines in our drip ass rigs!

Or just stay  :bluerig: till the end of time. That's cool too. Become winners everyone!
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Gaming / Soda Drinker Pro
09-01-2013, 18:08:46 PM
Oh wow! They will put it on steam if they get enough donators. EVERYONE DONATE!!!
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Gaming / Soda Drinker Pro
09-01-2013, 18:04:36 PM
I was thirsty today. But after playing this game, I wasn't. I was quenched of all my soda drinking desires. This game is more than a drinking simulator. Not only do you drink soda, but you drink soda while you traverse the different scenes featuring 5 levels of drinking madness. You can collect things called bonus sodas which are extremely helpful to collect when you drink your soda. I loved this game! I give it a 10/10 for fantastic graphics, awesome gameplay, and cool soundtrack.

It's so great, that I think it should be up there with Big Rigs, ET, and all the rest. You won't regret playing it. It is truly a  :stamp: game.
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Gaming / W12
03-01-2013, 01:13:21 AM
I'm not much of a sports fan but I can tell that this game has a promising chance of  :stamp:

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Hi Naterdoo,

First and foremost thank you so much for taking the time to not only put together a tutorial for outrunning the cops (I think lots of newbies are experiencing this same issue) but also for taking the time to personally respond to my post. The community on this site is fantastic and I've only been here a very short time.

If using the tree/camera is not considered an exploit i'm going to give this a shot, from your screenshot it looks like smooth sailing as far as the eye can see and not a single cop - On my game the cops are all over.

I wonder if megaone has a higher heat rating than what you are using or something, or if i'm on an extra difficult extra illegal cargo run? Maybe i'm just not that good yet. Going to try your method in a few hours tonight and hopefully win the race and get my cargo in on time.

Thanks again and keep on rigging

I play Megaone all the time. He's my favorite big rig. A race without Megaone is a race without a part of me. So I don't think Megaone has any effect on the spawn rate of cops. In my level, cops spawn as many as there are roadblocks so it's not too overflowed.

If there are cops all over, try lowering/raising the graphics. It may reduce the amount of cops. You could also try the patch that they released. It makes the other big rig move and maybe the cops will be attracted to the other rig so you can make a run for it to the finish line.

Also, in order to get there faster, you could skip a checkpoint and just get to the one after that one. That means you don't have to get every checkpoint and you have less chance of being caught, after all, this is a stealth game.

I'm very distressed that you have been caught by the cops. I don't think I could imagine a day where I couldn't read the text, YOURE WINNER. I truly hope that you find the finish line and be  :stamp:
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Thanks for the quick response, i'm looking over the tutorial and will give it a try. It's given me an idea to perhaps stay off the road and stick to the valleys where the cops will have less of a chance to see me. I can get through the roadblocks alright but it's them chasing me that is causing a problem. Will my rigs suspension take damage if I go offroad too much and will this impact the later stages of the game? I'd rather not use a camera cheat to spot them ahead of time as Naterdoo suggests I want to pass them the way the creators intended the game to be played.. No offense or anything but Naterdoo's method feels like a bit of an exploit or at least a grey area. Also will going on rough terrain damage your cargo and impact your score?

Exploit? Cheating? If Stellar Stone didn't want you to be able to use the camera in such a way, he wouldn't have put it in the game. I think it would be an insult to him if you didn't. It would be just like someone cooking a home made meal just for you and you refusing it. It would make that person feel like crap, like they wasted their time. Now use it. It really does help. So far, I have delivered my illegal cargo every time because of it.
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BROTRR Discussion / The ground
27-12-2012, 16:17:36 PM
It is a limiting thing. You can only go forwards, backwards, left, right, and I found that you can go up as well. But the ground just seems like a barrier. It leaves you wondering what good things can you find under the floor. However, I have found something that will change your perspective, forever!

"What's this? I don't see anything." you may be asking. Well look more closely, there is, in fact, a big rig embedded into the floor. That's right, riggers, the ground does NOT limit the rig any longer. No more feeling sad that you can't go through the floor. No more feeling sad that the grey void is the only way to get over the road. This is just groundbreaking for Big Rigs physics!(Hehe, puns)

How do we get such results? I honestly have to say that these results are hard to get. You have to find the right tree and drive at such an angle that your rig goes underground. Just play around with it and maybe you will be able to replicate this.

Going underground brings me to a new point: flying. Is it possible? YES! It is! Take a look at these two pictures:

Look at these two pictures. They tell you that the big rig is flying. They are at the exact same scale which means they are at the exact same height and if that's true, then the big rig is flying.

Now that we can make a big rig go underground and fly. What's our next steps? I believe it's time for space. We dream of space travel but can it really be possible? I believe with these steps, we could get to space in no time:
1. Implement Big Rigs physics into the real world
2. Plant loads of trees
3. Have a rig climb a tree
4. Launch it downwards at infinite speeds.
5. Break the ground and go through space.

I think this might work and if it does, we not only have a breakthrough in Big Rigs, but we also have a breakthrough in science!

I hope this helps because all of you are  :stamp:
# 12
Game Review:

First of all I can see great potential in this game.  I like the fact that I get to choose whatever Big Rig I want. I especially enjoy the seamless graphics and the extremely fast and speedy gameplay.

Though I do have some problems with it so far:

1. I really can't see this as a big rigs sequel since the void isn't gray...(Also you didn't list the black void on the feature list.)

2. Another thing that I dislike about this game is that going in reverse makes you slower. It doesn't give you the feel of WINNER

3. The third thing is that my ears are feeling something when I play the game. The problem is that my ears shouldn't need to feel anything because this game should be so awesome. Although you might want to keep the ear vibrating stuff in the game for now until you improve the game.

4. Add some bigger hills. You got the 90 degree part down but climbing the bigger and mountainous hills is where the thrill of the game should be at.

Overall grade: 5 out of 10

It's a great start but it needs some work.

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

EDIT: Oh! You also need structures that you can pass through. I don't think it's a required part of the game but it definitely adds more features to the game.
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I'm a little confused at the setup. It says this:

" This is only V0.1 of the Bigger Riggers game. Don't freak out if any bugs occur, and don't complain that there aren't many features yet. Just don't."

Can you explain this with a little more detail? The phrases "bugs" and "not many features" are a little strange.
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the user has a Santa hat in their avatar

No contest.
# 15
This is awesome! I wanted to spear someone directly in the face! Now I can!  :youreman:
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