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But I'm assuming you want those PlaySega controllers because they're modelled after the old Sega Saturn controllers. I guess those would be better for playing 2D games since they're six-button controllers and the D-Pad isn't poo poo.
Yeah, that's why.
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BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
20-04-2014, 14:11:48 PM
I fixed that error, and also another bug in Classic Mode. How does it work now?
# 33
BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
20-04-2014, 01:11:07 AM
That's great! I'll see if I can fix thaf slight problem soon.
# 34
I did contact the seller before about how I could pay the price of their previous counteroffer, and they responded. If I buy the lot at full price, the seller will only charge me $8 instead of $10 when it is time for the invoice.
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Okay, so I made a counter-counteroffer for $7.49, but the seller rejected it. Now I can't make anymore offers, so I would have to get the 2 gamepads for the full price of $9.99.


I should've just taken the $7.99 offer.
# 37
I was thinking of getting one of those PlaySega USB gamepads, since there are brand-new ones on ebay for $6.99:

However, I got an offer for two of the new-condition PlaySega gamepads for just a dollar more than the single lot. I don't get a box with the double lot, though:

I recognize that the double lot is a much superior deal, but I don't know what I would do with a second gamepad. Maybe I could give it to my sister as a late Easter present?
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BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
19-04-2014, 13:12:58 PM
Do you need me to give you an alternate download link?
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BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
19-04-2014, 12:59:45 PM
Have you tried, or is that the link you were trying to get to?
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BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
19-04-2014, 12:28:50 PM
I need someone to test Bigger Riggers on Linux through Wine, to see how well it runs.

I'd do it myself, but VMs run like molasses on my weak-ass PC, so my efforts would be worthless.

If someone here actually owns a recent Mac, it would be nice if they could test the game under WineBottler or something.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any effort! :belair:
# 41
Hey guys i just ate a hamburger

Oh, that's why you got muted.
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Here's what "USB game catridge" looks like. It has game artwork  printed on it!

It looks like they just took one of those credit card-shaped USB drives from China and stuck a sticker on it. I was thinking they would at least attempt to make the USB drive look like a game cartridge.
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Social/Off-Topic / U htc one m8?
16-04-2014, 17:00:43 PM
They call it HTC One because HTC Won.
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This thread reminded me that I still didn't have an image username. So, I whipped one up.
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Gaming / Amazon reveals their console
13-04-2014, 12:58:17 PM
How hard it is to come up with a controller that's not an inferior ripoff of the 360 gamepad?
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