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Social/Off-Topic / ITT stupid inventions
26-08-2014, 09:57:36 AM
Thanks @steev
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Linux Gaming / Humble Store SPRING SALE
07-05-2014, 14:29:13 PM
That Sonic Hits Collection deal is pretty good.
Well, guess what? They upped the price to         
# 19
STEEV'S KORNER ! / attentioon steev
04-05-2014, 23:25:13 PM
All of the rotating images are just old and busted memes from like 2009. That's not very Adminovative.
# 20
I haven't heard from him at all, so I assume the answer is no.
# 21
I thought Steev was gonna enable the theme so I could make sure I got everything changed.
# 22
In addition, I made custom indicators for whether a new post is made in a board or not:

No new posts:

New post(s):
# 23
I've begun designing a Shaq Fu skin for YW. I call it, YOU'RE BALLIN !

Here's my work so far on the theme elements:

And here are three different Shaqgrounds to choose from [Yeah, the last two are just variations on the second one.]:
# 24
For what I liked best, I voted for all. For what I liked the least, I picked Staff because the quiz wouldn't let me leave that question blank.
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# 26
I'm currently eating a Cadbury Cream Egg. :stalin:
# 27
Gaming / Can a flash game be WINNER?
20-04-2014, 23:31:43 PM
We should make a checklist with the criteria for what makes a game WINNER, so WOTR can consult that instead of making all these threads asking what's WINNER.
# 28
We're burning our Christmas tree from last year and watching the result!
# 29
BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
20-04-2014, 17:33:32 PM
It's done! Just check your PMs, Steev.
# 30
BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
20-04-2014, 15:44:05 PM
I'll do it later. But now I have to leave. :bidoof:
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