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Once again WWE proves that it is mainstream wholesome entertainment for the whole family.
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I hope it doesn't suck but I will be watching eagerly

Unfortunately, this year the console version (which has new developers with 2k since THQ went under) focused more on getting it right with the graphics and next-gen tech, less so on fully-built features that made previous editions great.  This year's game doesn't have the create-a-story mode, a robust superstar creation mode, or a highly diverse roster when compared to its immediate predecessors, for example. 

That being said, there are several positives.  Modders are still updating WWE PC games that came out in the early 2000s and even emulated Nintendo 64 games, so if the same zeal carries to this game, it will be good.  The game also does look nice, does allow at least for some custom character/arena creation and uploading these characters/arenas online, and including all the DLC in the PC version should make this a better experience, especially for people who are not already familiar with the classic WWE stories in the DLC (even if it does mean that you can actually have a match with four different versions of Randy Orton (e.g., Randy Orton '02 vs. Randy Orton '08 vs. etc):

This effort should be supported so that WWE and 2k are encouraged to make PC versions of WWE2k16, 17, etc.

The main unknown is how stable the online will be.  I don't know about other 2k15 games for the PC, but a couple of years ago I played the NBA 2k game on Steam, and the online experience was atrocious.
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Stickied and edited.
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Pro Wrestling / Is this good news??
21-04-2015, 17:01:19 PM
Yes, it is is EXCELLENT news.  Sure, the game itself might actually be a step (or two) back from the previous editions, but this is the first WWE game to come to the PC in about 15 years!  If this becomes a trend then soon we might get one of the good games in the future (ie one with a proper career mode and editor)
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Pro Wrestling / WWE 2K mobile now available
16-04-2015, 23:23:54 PM
I was just going to post "Where is the PC version?" :(

I feel your pain.  It was especially bad for me when they actually teased a full WWE2k15 PC version last year.
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Cesaro is pound-for-pound the strongest man in the WWE.  Here is in another famous moment: 

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Dumb indeed.  Videos are already down, too.
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I am excited as well.  Seth Rollins is a good champion, and Orton is a solid veteran.  They should be able to put on a good match.  Also, remember that the WWE Network is FREE this month for new subscribers!
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Pro Wrestling / Spike Dudley
12-04-2015, 00:17:04 AM
He also helped make Brock Lesnar look like a million bucks in his WWE debut:

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A couple of the advertised games run on phones.
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08-04-2015, 00:08:33 AM
This ad airs in Spanish during primetime "CNN en Espanol" programming.  It's even worse in Spanish, if you can imagine.
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