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# 31
Social/Off-Topic / post here to check the time
17-05-2014, 19:06:29 PM
What the frazzle is this?!
# 32
Like the VIP Club, you get into the VIP forum.

Unlike the VIP Club, Diamond Club membership is permanent.

However, it costs 1 million rigcoins, making it the most expensive item in the shop.

You get these things for being in Diamond Club:

Double RC gain
A Diamond Theme
A blue name
Access to VIP perks
Access to the Diamond Club forum
Triple Ratings
5% shop discount
# 33
too late I think he left

Nope. Chuck Testa.
# 34
Feedback/Help / What?
22-04-2014, 09:00:27 AM
Online WINNEROverTheRoad
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Your trade of Easter Egg item
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Congratulations! WINNEROverTheRoad has purchased your Easter Egg item from you for 1 Rigcoins.

Have a good day,
 --Forum Management

You can buy your own trades
# 35
Feedback/Help / Award Square
21-04-2014, 00:13:22 AM
You can have the Award Cube for poo pootiest member.
Give that to Thunder.

I want most I revoke my right to be a member of this communityable member
# 36
Feedback/Help / Award Square
20-04-2014, 23:59:36 PM
When are you gonna fetching learn how to make polls?
dude wtf I made a poll correctly

Also, I revoke my right to be a member of this community
# 37
Feedback/Help / Award Square
20-04-2014, 23:58:06 PM
I don't know why I can't get one for anything.

Not even "fji4jiwefpoadfaerq34"!
# 38
Announcements / 4/20 Easter Egg Hunt
20-04-2014, 23:51:26 PM
My eggs exceed 25.

That's something, right?!
# 39
Announcements / 4/20 Easter Egg Hunt
20-04-2014, 23:39:17 PM
Whoa hey you can't just kill all the competition!
I wanted an award square.

I only care about the square.

And maybe RC too.
# 40
Announcements / 4/20 Easter Egg Hunt
20-04-2014, 23:35:17 PM
WOTR found like 7 of them already

Better catch up!

No worries, I found all the ones you hid in Sergey's posts. :belair:

Good job. Looks like Svetlana is going to win, though!

I need an award square like 2 years ago!!!!!

I Nominate

Svetlana to be shot with a .45
# 41
Gaming / Can a flash game be WINNER?
20-04-2014, 23:34:10 PM
We should make a checklist with the criteria for what makes a game WINNER, so WOTR can consult that instead of making all these threads asking what's WINNER.
good idea
# 42
Does everybody like the combined 420/Easter holiday?

Or would it be holidaze?
# 43
Gaming / Tabletop Simulator
20-04-2014, 02:51:54 AM
wotr add me on steam V
Do you have Tabletop Simulator?
# 44
Gaming / Tabletop Simulator
19-04-2014, 00:49:53 AM
Just got the game. Seems like it could be WINNER, but it's just made. - Notice the Mac/Linux compatibility lol!
# 45
how can i have a lemonade stand without comic sans?
Use actual handwriting, of course.
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