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Also, did you know encyclopedia dramatica says (from reliable sources) that over 10,000+ WINNERs bought our beloved BROTRR? Now THAT, is WINNER !

My WINNER selfie


Also, I think the shadow and glow do not work on yw
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false votes
# 3
# 4
Wasn't it supposed to be in 2014?
# 5
Archangel Gabriel Himself, i'm concerned about the message you have in your profile: "2016'll be most WINNER year ever. (not for BROTRR)". 

Why won't 2016 be WINNER for BROTRR?
On second though I think Rigmageddon will indeed arrive in 2016. Not completely sure. I am sure that our world (the earth) will end in 2016 though
# 6

Coming of the Lord [Jesus] and 21.0 earthquake. Yes, you will be in danger no matter where you are, even outside The Earth.
# 7
How shall we prepare?
In the meantime, why don't you prepare yourself? You know, do a few breathing exercises... or something. This event isn't for the faint hearted!
Just do anything and everything and uneverything you possibly can to protect yourself against the 21.0 earthquake. One of the preperations is to be ready to call me when it hits. Get a helmet or something. Unzip your pants (optional).
# 8
Wait a sec, now I'm supposed to guess when the earthquake is gonna happen so I can contact your friend the day before? That's just ludicrous!
I'll make sure that I'M WINNER ! and tell you when there are 40 days left !

Edit: I can do this, since I am angel Gabriel Himself.
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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR testing a function
18-05-2016, 16:23:24 PM
i thought we cud
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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR testing a function
18-05-2016, 16:09:14 PM
let me fix this poll for you
i think it was ok
# 11
wherere the forum rules!
# 12
then make him visit me the day before
# 13
*******Fall of 2016*******
---------Be prepared---------
# 14
most liekly
# 15
Jesus returns in 2016 with a 21.0 earthquake, call me at +4581765294 or email me at or facebook me (preferably (each of these will send me a notification/notify me instantly) as soon as it happens and tell me "amazing, you were right", please do me that favor. thanks
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