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Sports / Re: Oregon or Auburn?
20-01-2011, 18:03:00 PM
lol tcu gonna get stomped by the big boys in a REAL division
Big East sucks

And if they were gonna get stomped by big boys, how come Wisconsin lost?
It was a really close game and honestly could have gone either way.  They're not gonna be able to go undefeated in their division anymore now that they're actually in a division that provides some degree of challenge.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: BROTRR is a LOSER game
12-01-2011, 17:33:42 PM
how can you put on glasses when avatar takes them off!?
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Sports / Re: Oregon or Auburn?
12-01-2011, 17:31:52 PM
lol tcu gonna get stomped by the big boys in a REAL division
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Sports / Re: Super Bowl prediction thread
12-01-2011, 17:30:29 PM
Ravens vs. Packers
# 5
honestly just shop around ducis and look at the fits on the models, you can obviously go to places like ll bean or whatever and get really nice coats, they're just gonna be a really conservative fit.  look at gilt and plndr, especially gilt, for coats they almost always have a few on sale and they're gonna be a lot nicer fit than some of the more generic stuff you might normally find.  Mine came from overstock because they were having a huge designer sale last weekend so the best advice i can give is just browse clearance sites and see what you can find.  also check out department stores like h&m, nordstroms, macy's, asos and look at what they have on clearance.  you can sometimes find some REALLY nice stuff for great prices.

also internet shopping makes things a lot easier just make sure to get yourself measured, if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself just go to steinmart or something and have them measure you
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not nerds (myself)
# 7
ooooh ooooh do me do me
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: A second chance
12-01-2011, 12:50:47 PM
haven't we all
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Gaming / Re: Red Orchestra 2
12-01-2011, 12:32:39 PM
lok owned non-heterosexual persongot

it's probably a good thing that i don't have a computer capable of playing it or i would never get anything done
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: A second chance
12-01-2011, 12:28:29 PM
don't feel bad dude ducis has never seen a vagina he's just bustin' ya balls
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columbia is pretty nice, i have this outdated and rather unattractive columbia beige jacket that doesn't fit with anything in my wardrobe but i've had it for years, it's warm, and fits well so i just can't bring myself to throw it away and wear it all the time

also my peacoat came in today i can finally be warm in the winter instead of having to layer 3 different jackets that wound up making me look like a downie
# 12
i'm sure that a couple of you are already members but i'm just gonna post some invites to some clothes sites that i like that you can get pretty good deals from, also i get credit when i invite people who buy stuff so yay me :)
for some reason gilt just doesn't let me post a link to invite people so just pm me your preferred email and i'll send you an invite
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4. Mr. T although i haven't seen his avatar in a while if he's changed it then i pbb won't like him again
sorry bj :(
# 14
what kind of levis are you buying, i usually just go to target and buy their skinnys and those have fit me great, so if it's any other fits then that would explain it

also jeans elitism is important otherwise we'd have to deal with everyone wearing wranglers all the time and that is not a world i want to live in
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Sports / Re: Oregon or Auburn?
11-01-2011, 01:41:52 AM
I haven't checked but how did the other divisions do this year, not trying to be elitist or anything i'm just curious so i can act like i know poo poo in front of my friends tomorrow >:)
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