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19-11-2014, 09:27:37 AM
Hey Steev I saw wax hack for free in the google play store , is te free version worth it or is it like TOME where it's so archaic and star based that you have to pay for the good features ?
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Just a friendly reminder from your
Moderation team to please not talk about piracy on here. I don't want to have to hand out warnings.
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Social/Off-Topic / BEER TOPIC
18-11-2014, 10:22:20 AM
I drink a local craft beer here in Lincoln Nebraska called Miller Lite - you've probably never heard of it but it is great stuff.
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18-11-2014, 10:11:29 AM
Please lower your voice
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17-11-2014, 15:43:54 PM
Your mother
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17-11-2014, 10:11:24 AM
Hey guys I was roaming the mean streets of Lincoln Nebraska looking for the yoo me
Case that Steev told me to get and all I could find was an e-cigarette store. They dodnt have it lads. I was freezing to death so I'm in a McDonald's now - they also don't have it
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16-11-2014, 20:38:53 PM
Would you recommend a Yoo-Mee case?
 :csa: :portugal: :canada: :quebec:
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Hey guys Mr Flemming back again, please stay tuned to the next version of my Quaker Wedding blog where we'll talk about using flat bed trailers to commit possible felonies against the big railroad companies.
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Good morning everyone,

I've just returned from my Quaker wedding and i'll be providing updates about what happened during the aforementioned Quaker wedding over the next several days (But it all happened already, I just want to keep it suspenseful)

First thing was the ceremony, we had several dogs as our witness and dug up sweet potatoes (or yams, i'm not sure) while wearing couples John Deere hats. We consumated our marriage in a Gleaner A shortly afterwards (please consult attached picture, from now on referred to as "EXHIBIT A")

While making love in EXHIBIT A, my wife was stung by a hornets nest in EXHIBIT A , which disrupted the consumation process in EXHIBIT A.

This is my first update I hope you like and subscribe to my blog, i'll be providing updates over the next several days. Also please feel free to comment or ask questions about Quaker weddings for those of you that dont understand how they work. Mr Flemming signing off, I respect.

:portugal: :quebec:
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Social/Off-Topic / Let's talk Mustard
22-10-2014, 19:52:48 PM
The point of the matter is, i'm trying to determine for various reasons who here likes what types of mustard.

Are you in to plain yellow mustard?

Do you like deli spicy brown mustard?

Do you care for Creole Mustard with mustard seeds in it?

Would you enjoy French Style Dijon Mustard?

What about the unique bite of horseradish mustard?

And then, what of the new styles like chipotle mayo, habanero mayo, and various other designer mustards designed for homosexuals and foodies (same thing)

Please feel free to comment in this thread regarding what type of mustard you enjoy, and what you use it on, and please also provide feedback about types of mustard you do not enjoy.

Thanks, and I respect.

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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
16-10-2014, 23:15:31 PM
Here's a great mustard ad featuring diceman as the cowboy and marshallmustache as the lady

Looks like diceman really cut the mustard in that one lads/m8s

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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
16-10-2014, 23:13:39 PM

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To be perfectly frank with you, this looks like a glorified total conversion mod for civ 5 but i'm pleased that is going to be released for Linux. I'd also like to know who goes to the hospital for a sprained ankle or bruise. If someone else is having a heart attack, why am I going to waste everyone's time by going to the hospital for a sprained ankle? :portugal:
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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
16-10-2014, 20:23:56 PM
More than likely I didn't eat dinner. I make 200$ a day as a contractor that will build you a house from the ground up, so i'm often working long hours that preclude me from a normal meal pattern.

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Absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to countersue.

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