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Social/Off-Topic / ITT stupid inventions
17-09-2014, 23:51:40 PM
but i digress: nothing runs like a Johnny!
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oh sorry i was just giving a lecture in Breslau
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Social/Off-Topic / ITT stupid inventions
17-09-2014, 23:39:51 PM

i'm almost convinced John Deere tractors are the dumbest invention because it takes the emotion out of working a field, where you can now sit in your tractor on your cellphone and with the radio on while no-till drill some wheat in when you would otherwise be smelling the dirt. When a man works at a thing himself, he gives something to it which it retains. To mention one example, this is notably the case with the Ritter remedies, with which some of you are no doubt familiar. you must not smile at such things. i have often been asked what I think of the Ritter remedies. you are perhaps aware that there are some who sing hymns of praise an their behalf, while others spread the tale that they have no particular effect.
Undoubtedly they have an effect. But i am firmly convinced that if these remedies were brought an to the market in the usual way they would very largely lose their influence. With these remedies especially, it makes a great difference if the doctor himself possesses the remedy and gives it to his patient directly. When the doctor gives such a thing to his patient, when it is all taking place in a comparatively small circle, he brings a certain enthusiasm with him. You may say the enthusiasm as such weighs nothing; you cannot weigh it. Nevertheless it enters into the vibrations if the doctors are enthusiastic. Light has a strong effect on the remedies; why not enthusiasm? Enthusiasm mediates; it can have a great effect. Enthusiastic doctors of to-day can achieve great results. Precisely in this way, the Ritter remedies can have a far-reaching influence.
With enthusiasm, great effects can be called forth. But if you begin to do it in an indifferent and mechanical fashion, the effects will soon evaporate. It makes a difference whether you do the thing with all that proceeds from the human hand believe me, very much can issue from the hand or whether you do it with a machine. By and by, however, it might prove to be great fun and you would no longer dream of a mechanical working even when many fields need working. Eventually, i can imagine, you will do it on Sundays as an after-dinner entertainment. Simply by having many guests invited and doing it on Sundays, you will get the best results without machines!
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Social/Off-Topic / i cant stop pooping
17-09-2014, 23:20:04 PM
i suggest flax seed for fiber, unground. it also helps if you're transitioning to being a girl, i hear.
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hi everyone i'm contributing
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