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Gaming / R.I.P. Lucas Arts
06-04-2013, 22:56:45 PM
Sad news. Loved the first Mercenaries game.
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Announcements / 7 YEARS AND WE ALL FORGOT
07-07-2012, 18:59:25 PM
Congratulations! =:)
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Sports / NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
05-07-2012, 20:36:02 PM
Wow, looks like we're in for a competitive and fun season! Good luck to all teams.
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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
02-09-2011, 21:09:12 PM
Roast Beef, medium
Mashed Potatoes (with globs of cheese and butter)
Fresh Rolls (again with the butter ;-)
Fresh, tender asparagus tips with Hollandaise sauce
Green Salad, bathed in Vinaigrette
Iced tea, unsweetened

Afterward myself and some pals went to our favorite local cigar bar.
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31-08-2011, 17:35:47 PM

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Social/Off-Topic / RIGCON 2011
14-08-2011, 22:04:56 PM
Lookin' good fellas! Stoked for the new content...
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Sports / Re: NBA team of the century
25-06-2011, 02:26:27 AM
PG Kenny Smith
SG Jimmy Chitwood
SF Antoine Walker
PF Darko Milicic
C Bill Walton

It was a tough choice at C between Ostertag, Bradley and Walton.
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Sports / Re: 2011 NBA Draft
23-06-2011, 21:24:04 PM
I really have no comment

lol at the Pistons in general
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Negrobutcher - Afrocalypse, die Endlösung (2000)

This little NS side project of Aryan Blood's Negrobutcher opens and ends with great samples from the fine film American History X, perfectly setting the mood for a grim and satisfying, albeit short listening experience (the demo consists of 5 tracks, one being the sample intro). What can be said about this album is that the song titles aren't nearly as original as those of its distant relative Slave Whipping Blasphemy (perhaps with the exception of 'Napalm in the Ghetto'), the riffs are not as catchy, and the songs are quite short (none lasting more than 3 minutes). At times during listening, there were points where I was expecting a BREAKDOWN, but only found that the song had ended. Overall, a pleasant listening experience, but I would certainly recommend SWB over this for the subject matter.


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BROTRR Discussion / Re: The BROTRR chronicles
19-06-2011, 23:34:00 PM
Episode 24 part 3:

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Sports / Re: 2011 NBA Draft
19-06-2011, 00:56:19 AM
As long as the BPA isn't a SG/Combo Guard, then sure.
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Sports / Re: 2011 NBA Draft
19-06-2011, 00:36:53 AM
Detroit needs a center and a PG badly so the talk of the town has been Thabeet Biyombo, Walker or possibly Fredette. I just don't know!!
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Sports / Re: The Heat won't win it next year
09-07-2010, 18:58:12 PM
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: The BROTRR chronicles
04-07-2010, 18:53:01 PM
Updated character list
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