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I agree I would also like more. Maybe a forum inactivity achievement cube?
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Ask Board / Most Frequented Fast Food
05-02-2015, 02:20:50 AM
incredible world class food trucks, dozens of varieties of which are available every day at lunch
It's only fast food if YOU'RE in a car when you get it!

Also five guys is the poo poo. Idk if that's fast food though it always takes them a year to make my jalapeno double cheeseburger
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Social/Off-Topic / complaining: laundry
04-02-2015, 16:35:28 PM
I have a washing machine but why wash your clothes? if you spill spaghetti sauce on yourself get to the bathroom ASAP and do some spot work!!!!!
# 4
I wouldn't say it's "good" from a quality standpoint, but it's hilarious sometimes and pretty entertaining.

As Dissident and EJ pointed out it's best enjoyed with coors light and/or

I should also mention that they make all of their episodes available online if you have a cable subscription, and if not they make 3 different episodes available to watch per week for free.
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Ask Board / Most Frequented Fast Food
04-02-2015, 16:18:40 PM
What fast food place do you eat at the most? Not your favorite, just the one you eat at most often.

Mine is Del Taco, followed by McDonalds and then Taco Bell.  :belair:
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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
04-02-2015, 16:16:50 PM

Jalapeno McDouble from McDonalds. It's great because you can't tell if your stomach hurts from jalapenos or McDonalds!
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BROTRR Discussion / My first two truck edits
04-02-2015, 16:11:44 PM
Do you have any pics of the front? They look nice
# 8
He smells really bad though I don't want to be around him.

Simple. Wait for him to leave and then collect the poo. I'm sure there's some sort of poop specialist that can run a DNA test.
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Gaming / Starbound
28-12-2013, 03:00:45 AM
I talked to a server admin who says YW members can play on his Starbound server. It's cool and the server adress is:

Let's play :) :belair: also give this a weed post rating because i'm high as balls
# 10
Do you spend a poo poo load of cash on medical care because of how the US system works?

Based on the US system he now has to challenge someone in a fight to the death in an attempt to take their doctor.
Ironically the US system also states that if both participants die they get free healthcare forever, and the doctor gets a raise.
# 11
I should also add that I grind my beans coarsely by hand and drink my coffee black when it's not poo pooty.
# 12
Drinking organic fair trade gourmet French Roast from my local farmers market. Unfortunately they stopped carrying the Scandinavian variety which is usually what I drink.
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Social/Off-Topic / wshh thread pt 2
15-12-2013, 14:12:46 PM
omg what a wacky experiment!!

I'd have sex with her ):
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Social/Off-Topic / Guys, my grandmother is 90!
01-12-2013, 14:16:10 PM
make another topic when she's 96 ;)
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Ask WOTR / Have you ever donated plasma?
17-11-2013, 22:54:37 PM
I haven't but it seems like a good way to make weed money
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