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Social/Off-Topic / Deez Nuts 2016!
24-08-2015, 12:14:25 PM
I know Trump is the buzz now, but to obsess over Trump is to ignore a candidate like Deez Nuts!

# 2
Gaming / Iwata of Nintendo is dead at 55
12-07-2015, 21:07:32 PM

There are times when things go on, that the impulse is to stop and think about life.  Which I say is a good thing.

Sorry, not fun news, but I still wanted to get the news out.
# 3
Oh no... Whatcha gonna do about it?

# 4
This is EPIC I tell you, EPIC.

Here is is:
# 5
Gaming / Massive Multiplayer Chess.
15-05-2015, 15:23:47 PM
So, in this video, I show how to be able to take a normal chess game, and turn into into a massive multiplayer game.

Here is the video:

# 6
In this video, I look at the Ultimate Defensive Strategy applied to chess.  Use this strategy, and you are pretty much assured your opponent can't win.  There are risks with using this strategy though.

Anyhow, here is the video:

By the way, please note that this video is an attempt at humor (likely failed attempt).
# 7
Gaming / Why Neo Geo?
23-04-2015, 23:59:37 PM
I look at the good points of the Neo Geo, and my memories, in this video:

# 8
Gaming / Anatomy of an Atari fanboy...
17-04-2015, 00:14:46 AM
I did this video for my YouTube channel on how I became a fanboy of Atari back in the day.  Feel free to watch and comment if you relate (or don't).

Thank you for your time. And here is the video:

# 9
Big Rigs is controversial, but we all know it is epic.  So, I figured I would do a video on the game, and discussing its epicness.  In order to appear remotely sane to people to the masses, that doesn't understand, I had to show some agreement that it was seen as a failure, but I do call it an epic and try to tell those who try to copy the epicness of Big Rigs that they will fail.  It takes special talent to make a Big Rigs or Shaq Fu, etc... and to think you can just do it (yes, I at pointing at the Steam Greenlighters out there), they are mistaken.

Anyhow, here is the video:

A link to this site is in the description.
# 10
I thought this ad was pretty cool:

# 11
Either they are doing a Minecraft clone or they have gone into doing remodeling:

Anyone know what is up here?

# 12
So, I tried to do a YouTube video on The Ultimate Driving Game, and was trying to say something BUT BROTRR is it, and the video did NOT go well...

My camera went wacky  I repent here! Sorry everyone.
# 13
I just saw this review of U-HAUL VAN. I am concerned BROTTR may have a challenger.  Please correct this though:

# 14
Why do they insist on trying to bring the void into their games?  Why can't they leave BROTTR alone?

# 15
I managed to put this demo up on YouTube of this amazing experience.  It transcends what you think of in regards of videogames.  The name is immensely lame "Going for a Walk", but it really is far more immersive, right down to the amazing graphics,  than one would expect.  I had to film the video outside, because my attempt to do the demo in a local plaza got to be a mess with people wanting signatures for approval and so on. S o, to get it out on time, I did it outside.  This was done for my YouTube channel, "Classic Games Redefined".

Here is the video:

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