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Looking to see if anyone has had this problem simply to set my expectations.

Started playing again after a couple years away, and have been having fun. I play on two different Xbox Ones (XB #1 and XB#2 for simplicity). I let the game manage the sync between the two devices.

I had been playing on XB#1, and progressed about 20 hours on a world. I save Game, exit to HOME, sign off console and leave.

Sign in on XBoxOne #2. Launch Minecraft (v1.12.1), it does it's little syncing screen, and I see my world. It has the last date correct, so I open it.

It reverted in time, back about 20 hours. I noticed this quickly, exited and quit the app and sign out.

Go back to XB#1, sign in, open the world... it's now the reverted (lost 20 hours) save game, with no way to no figure out what went wrong.

Anyone else experience something similar?
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