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Feedback/Help / Apology
16-10-2014, 10:40:37 AM
For the past year or so, my :loser: posting activity has been marked by trying way too hard to be funny. I had thought posting dumb poo poo that didn't even relate to the topics I posted in would be hilarious. In fact, my behavior was instead absolutely obnoxious. It made it seem as though I were years younger than I actually am. You folks were 100% right to put me down for my poo pooposting!

Because I so greatly regret my transgressions, I wish to apologize for ruining your forums. I'm so sorry for irritating you guys for so long!  From this point forward, I resolve to actually use my brain when making posts here.

I don't know what good apologizing will do at this point, but I hold that it's something I should have done a long time ago.
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# 3
I'm currently eating a Cadbury Cream Egg. :stalin:
# 4
I was thinking of getting one of those PlaySega USB gamepads, since there are brand-new ones on ebay for $6.99:

However, I got an offer for two of the new-condition PlaySega gamepads for just a dollar more than the single lot. I don't get a box with the double lot, though:

I recognize that the double lot is a much superior deal, but I don't know what I would do with a second gamepad. Maybe I could give it to my sister as a late Easter present?
# 5
BROTRR Discussion / Calling all Linux gamers
19-04-2014, 12:28:50 PM
I need someone to test Bigger Riggers on Linux through Wine, to see how well it runs.

I'd do it myself, but VMs run like molasses on my weak-ass PC, so my efforts would be worthless.

If someone here actually owns a recent Mac, it would be nice if they could test the game under WineBottler or something.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any effort! :belair:
# 6
Feedback/Help / No April Fools joke this year?
02-04-2014, 00:31:00 AM
Since we expected an April Fools joke but didn't get one, though, then I guess there was a prank after all!

Congratulations, mods. You're always right on the job!  :roddy:
# 7
BROTRR Discussion / New DLC for Bigger Riggers
26-03-2014, 20:56:10 PM
New DLC is now available for #BiggerRiggers :belair:

New features:
  • The Wrath of Dr. Shelldon maze minigame, complete with unique cutscene and win screen
  • Minor graphical enhancements
  • A special surprise that totally fits with a special holiday coming up

You can download it for free the same place as before:
# 8
Gaming / AVGN reviews Big Rigs
19-03-2014, 17:16:49 PM

His initial reaction to the game gave me hope, but in the end he poo poos on it just like he does for every other "bad" game he reviews.

(Posted here instead of BROTRR Discussion so that the  :loser: in this video doesn't taint that forum)
# 9
PC is not included in the poll because it is not a console. Besides, :brbox: means PC would win by default. Handhelds and Android/iOS/etc. are also not included in the poll, since they are mobile and not stationary.
# 10
Feedback/Help / BROTRR-themed cryptocurrency?
10-12-2013, 21:52:25 PM
What if there were a BROTRR-themed cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Dogecoin? You would generate it by playing :brbox:.
# 11
What determines whether you have a Thumbs Up, Trophy, or Turd rating in the area with your avatar?
# 12

Now you can download the full version of Bigger Riggers: Big Rigs 2 for absolutely ($4.99 value)
# 13
Gaming / 3D Fighter Maker - The Return
25-09-2013, 12:41:39 PM

# 14
Here's an even better deal than that Tracfone data plan:         

FreedomPop (the company that was offering a free data plan with WiFi hotspots) is now going to introduce a free phone plan, with 500MB of data, unlimited texts, and 200 minutes. There will also be a $10 plan with unlimited talk+text (plus a currently unknown amount of data).

The only catch is, you will have to use Sprint's network (and maybe only their 4G network, since calling will be handled via VOIP). But if that won't stop you, phone prices will start at $99 for the HTC Evo, with the Galaxy S II going for "under $200".
# 15
[Information gathered via]

It looks like Tracfone is finally going to offer Android phones and decent data amounts.

I have no idea if they will offer the bring-your-own-device SIM card for Tracfone like Net10/Straight Talk yet, though. So far, I just know about the basic Android phones that Tracfone will probably offer like Net10/ST do.

As it is, however, this is a giant step forward for Tracfone, and I'm glad they finally took it.

Data plans for Android phones (screenshot from pay-as-you-go page on

Android phones on Tracfone's Activate Phones page (taken from the above link):
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