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Social/Off-Topic / Drama Button
18-04-2014, 19:34:37 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Pope dope
18-04-2014, 11:57:05 AM

That could have been one hell of a party, but someone probably chickened out and wouldn't jam 14 filled condoms up their ass :(

VATICAN plods suspect that whoever ordered 14 condoms filled with liquid cocaine worth about 40,000  took fright and decided to leave them languishing in the post office.
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Social/Off-Topic / atheist images...
16-03-2014, 08:11:48 AM
These may be a little too audacious.

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WINNER Help / 2x5.1=7.1?
04-03-2014, 11:03:36 AM
I've decided not to upgrade my PC, but wait for the thing to actually die.

Long time ago I went balls-to-the-wall ridiculous on gaming performance with a custom built PC with top GeForce (heh) SLI and it got broked in a tragic accident. So, I'm being cheap in hoped that I may believe myself smarter. Well, I had a laptop for University. It busted. And without much thought went to Best Buy and paid cash for any PC that just looked cool.

These are my current specs

What it didn't come with was a good speaker system. In virtue of being cheap, and 7.1 speakers comparatively aren't, this video caught my eye

Has anyone got info on this?
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Framkenstein's Army
02-03-2014, 05:22:30 AM
Freaky movie. Like reality TV Soviet style. Cleansing the Mother Land from Nazi Invaders. Yeah, pretty much do whatever you want.

There's one scene that didn't happen but me and my friend needed to rewind the video cause it was totally f'ed up. Russian bashes a rabbit against a table. Killing it for food. However, at first I thought it was a small dog and he was killing for pleasure.

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# 7

I assumed Billy Nye was more of a celebrity then an evolutionary biologist and haven't watched because I think I'll just probably take offense.

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Social/Off-Topic / Scary math?
18-01-2014, 13:32:07 PM
Maybe I know too many Ph D's in math and physics that bulllpoo poo is caught and scrutinized extremely fast. But this took me off guard.

Science tends to require the use of numbers. And while most of us probably have a tough time figuring out what all those numbers and letters and Greek symbols in algebra equations are supposed to mean, we're content to leave it to the experts to do all the understanding for us. Man, it would be hilariously terrifying if those experts turned out to be as clueless as the rest of us, wouldn't it?
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Prisoners
30-12-2013, 18:33:45 PM

This was an intense, creepy drama.

It kinda' reminded me that there can be some sick people out there.
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Social/Off-Topic / Um...
03-12-2013, 09:59:13 AM
I have no idea where to post this.

This is far beyond the boundaries of dumb I'm growing stupider just from reading the title.
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STEEV'S KORNER ! / I make post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17-11-2013, 12:01:23 PM

Don't know how long it's been around for actually.

:EDIT: No really, I forgot you had to make a subject title.

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Ask WOTR / Should Rob Ford be removed?
16-11-2013, 08:41:00 AM
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / LOL AWESOME!
30-10-2013, 10:25:01 AM
PIrates r fetching retards!

And WTF?

 We bet her old mouse pal Christina Aguilera can relate, since her own song "Dirrty" is regularly used as a method of disorientation in military interrogations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Gaming / Democracy 3
21-10-2013, 20:02:32 PM
So, like there was this tutorial right. And I'm like frick that! Wondering how much time it would take to make Canada a military super power, or just develop nukes. But like I didn't know how. So then what, eh?

First I took away any age restriction for alcohol. Yeah! Then, I try to legalize all drugs. But I didn't have the political capital. poo poo!

Oh, well looks like a good game though :)
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