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Social/Off-Topic / 500 hi salute
03-09-2020, 00:24:30 AM
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Gaming / played abzu and then i played journey
10-09-2016, 03:56:30 AM
played abzu first cause newer is better and it was like an 8/10

then played journey and it was like an 8/10 too

fun and took me a combined 3 hours to beat both u got me again game companies
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Gaming / new cuphead game video from pax
08-09-2016, 22:39:39 PM
the project is still alive!

unfortunately that sound design is poo poo right now hope they fix that up but it still looks good

thanks based M$$$ for making them pad out the game more and not releasing it last year

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Gaming / planet coaster
03-04-2016, 03:01:08 AM
its like modern rollercoaster tycoon but not  :loser:

i have the alpha and its fun

 :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:/ :leek: from me
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Gaming / Finally a bundle for ME
18-11-2014, 19:27:46 PM
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05-10-2014, 00:44:03 AM
back during the rockmankenny invasion days i made a youtube account to troll him

i also posted this video

Look at those views
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My favorite thing about me is my signature made by Z Man Zilla.

My favorite anime is No Game No Life because it respects my life choices as a rigist
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I don't see any cool items to buy like reveal post history just LAME STUFF
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Social/Off-Topic / i cant stop pooping
13-09-2014, 04:52:48 AM
its like a poop party in my butt
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Gaming / yo donut
16-02-2014, 05:08:37 AM
i sent u a copy of interstellar marines cause u were th eonly one on my friends list who had it on their wishlist

you are welcome~
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I didn't pay for HBO for like 2 years and all of a sudden it's gone :(

I am so upset I wont get to finish streaming six feet under

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Social/Off-Topic / andmill sighting :3
18-07-2013, 03:10:05 AM

i remember what my password was today
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I have no idea why she bought two new  :bidoof: :bidoof:'s when she already had one. I suppose our  :bidoof: named "wizard" is getting pretty old.
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Since you think I'm just trying to be hating on popular things because its cool, lets take it through each game individually, I own every GTA game except for 4 and Liberty/Vice City Stories and the gameboy ones (yes I even got 1/2/the expansion from a thrift store even though they're legally available for free).

1: It's pretty poo pooty. The world was not ready to appreciate this kind of game.

I thought it was great. I really enjoyed it.

2: Fun announcer, fun gang system, still hasn't quite gotten to the point where it is fun yet.
The London expansion thingy: I'm never removing this one from shrinkwrap it probably sucks.

London expansion was the best part. You missing out.

3: Revolutionary obviously but it has aged the most out of them all. Deese.

I thought it sucked TBH. Wasn't very fun and the only good part was the tank.

VC: Probs the best of the GTA3-era games unless you count bully. IT FITS NICELY TOGETHER WITHOUT A BUNCH OF USELESS THINGS (no weightlifting)

Easily the worst one with the worst protagonist and the worst story. Only good thing that came from this game was GTA:VCS.

SA: It's big but it's like you're getting raped by someone wearing 50 overlapping condoms, all the extra stuff feels awkward when you play the game in your ass. Still the funnest to just mess around in but unless you're 12 it gets old fast. Best thing is busta etc

San Andreas multiplayer mod was great (OH HEY CIRUS!) and the story was hilarious and over the top. I really felt like I was a part of the black culture! It was also fun. I like my games to have fun in them. Maybe I am crazy but I also liked the mini games :/

Bully: It's great. The character customization actually feels good the missions are challenging but not frustrating like in SA. Best characterizations. Despite the no guns you can still have fun messing around unless once again you are 12 and need blood everywhere. One of my top 10s of any game definitely.

Bully is decent and the change in seasons is absolutely amazing but the gameplay wasnt very good and the animations were classic rockstar gumby movements. I liked the game when I played it and I am currently playing through it right now again. So far so good. Also, WHAT CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION? ALL YOU CAN DO IS CHANGE CLOTHES!

Chinatown Wars: Modernizes the 1/2 formula and makes it fun. Sure every car is like 3 polygons but they're all distinguishable and look like they should look. Looks better for a DS game than the 3,VC and SA looked for a PS2/Xbax game. Touch screen minigames are actually fun compared to tacked on terrible SA minigames, making molotovs with the touch screen is FUN because I get to BLOW STUFF UP WHEN I COMPLETE IT whereas in SA I lift weights for 2 hours and I'm slightly stronger but to no FUNNESS advantage. It even has the drug trade system for all you micromanaging rpg stats non-heterosexual persons.

Chinatown wars was AWFUL. I was so excited when it first came out that I bought it on release and I got through maybe 1/5 of the game before returning it. It was really bad. And I did not enjoy molotov cocktails. Just give me the molotovs instead. And the cars almost made no difference because they really were just 3 pixels moving around on a cardboard cutout of a city.

LCS/VCS: who cares

You are missing out. LCS and VCS are both absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite GTA games.

4: I'll play it when its like 4 bux in the bargain bin and with stickers all over the case.

4 is also awful. The story sucks and mini games are even worse. The Ballad of Gay Tony is really fun though, so just get those expansion things.
Jesus Christ, Cirus.
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