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Social/Off-Topic / WHEN WILL YOU LIVE
01-02-2010, 21:19:57 PM
poo poo I probably should have thought this topic through
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Social/Off-Topic / meta topic
20-09-2009, 01:26:39 AM
What truly is a topic?
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Thunder
08-08-2009, 18:51:12 PM
get a haircut you hippy
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Social/Off-Topic / Thunder for administrator
29-07-2009, 00:54:16 AM
He's quite qualified, has an unblemished forum record, and IS one of the four rigs: I don't see the downside here. Hell, he's even got the face of one of the best world leaders of the past fifty years as his avatar.
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Social/Off-Topic / Netsplit, I think.
21-07-2009, 19:35:29 PM
Nickserv and hostserv are down too.
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Don't get me wrong, WORMs is awesome, but I tend to prefer first person shooters more. Knowing this and the opinions of users on this forum, I've made a possible list for you guys to check you:

Team Fortress 2 - a given today, TF2 is probably the best multiplayer shooter out there. It costs twenty bucks though, and most people want free poo poo, which moves us on.

AssaultCube ( - the best free shooter that I've played with friends. Semi-realistic shooter with an emphasis on fun. Think CS mixed with Quake, and then dumbed down a lot. Extremely small file size.

Smokin' Guns ( - never actually played this one with friends, but it looks pretty good. Quake 3 mod that focuses on a Western theme. Also free.

Urban Terror ( - same idea as AssaultCube, only with more weapons and slightly better graphics. Really, really fun with friends.

Here's a nice list:

Suggest and add as you see fit. What do you guys think?
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This Youtube account is dedicated to retsupuraes. What are retsupuraes?

Well, you see, the many denizens of Youtube, in their infinite wisdom, think that they have the skills and the charisma to play through a video game completely, with often humorous commentary. These are called Let's Plays, and they ideally result in a fun-filled romp through a very good or very bad game, with many laughs in between. Unfortunately, Youtube LPers (as they are known) lack any sort of quality control, capturing the game with everything from a camcorder to a malfunctioning emulation program. Their voices are often either jarring or nasally, resulting in both auditory and retinal trauma.

Some LPers decided that these easily-angered individuals would be fine prey for one of the largest trolling campaigns in the history of Youtube. Naming themselves for a botched pronunciation of their fine hobby, the original retsupurae channel proceeded to dissect and destroy over one-hundred egos in their quest for decent videos. Unfortunately, the account is now suspended, which is a terrible loss for the Youtube community. Still, I've wanted to try this for a while, and it's as good of a time as any. The second commentator is Bjorno, if you can't figure it out from the voice.

If you would like to be featured in a retsupurae, please PM me or AIM me at ShootingRistar. Also, if you find any terrible Youtube LPs, please let me know. Guest commentators are always welcomed. You'll need Skype and Audacity.


First video:

Note: If these are terrible/not funny at all/need improvement, LET ME KNOW. We're still figuring this poo poo out, so any criticism is welcomed.

Second Note: We recorded like five of these in one night, so the next video should be out within the week.
# 8

I am totally blown away by the game's artistic direction and gameplay. Does anyone know the names of the games introduced, though? I didn't quite catch them.
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Now that it's two days after Christmas, I'm sure most of you are throwing out the poo pooty gifts you got this year. Describe the worst gift you have ever received, doesn't have to be Christmas.

One year, from my aunt, I got an industrial size pack of dog food. I didn't even have a dog at the time, and when I did get a mutt, I hated it. Ugh.
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Gaming / fetch you MY game of the years
26-12-2007, 18:25:58 PM
After I played Galaxy and COD4, I think I'll do mine.

Best Graphics (Raw)
Crysis (PC)

Best Art Direction:
Portal (PC)

Best Sound:
Super Mario Galaxy (WII)

Best Music:
Super Mario Galaxy (WII)

Best multiplayer game:
Team Fortress 2 (PC)

(I took out "best open world" because I usually don't play open-ended games.)

Best Storyline:
Bioshock (360)

Best Character:
Jack - Bioshock (360)

Best Voice Acting:
Bioshock (360)

Most innovative game:
Portal (PC)

Worst Game:
Halo 3 (X360)

Biggest Disappointment
Halo 3 (360)

Best PC Game:
Team Fortress 2/Portal (PC)

Best PS2 game:
God of War 2

Best Wii game:
Super Mario Galaxy

Best Xbox 360 game:
Call of Duty 4

Game of the Year:
Portal (PC)
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Considering we used to, and probably still have, a one letter at a time YOU'RE WINNER topic, I suggest we do it with BALLIN'! It's easier anyway.

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Social/Off-Topic / i came
21-10-2007, 22:18:50 PM



Mike looked at you with a sad smile. The sadness was shining in his tired eyes; it had lodged itself there not long after Mark or Phoenix had switched off the camcorder in the hotel lobby. Now up in the lavish suite, behind closed doors, it was still there.

He was supposed to be staying whilst you’d showered but half an hour had passed since you had emerged from the hotel bathroom, dripping wet with a towel around your waist and he was still there.

“You’re not okay,” He finally spoke from where he’d settled himself down on the bed and had been flicking through a battered TV guide, “Are you?” He added.

You sighed and shifted your arm a little; the one that wasn’t strapped up in a sling. A wince escaped your lips before you could answer. The painkillers the hospital had given you were starting to wear off.


You closed your eyes. He hadn’t called you that in ages.

Mike sighed and got to his feet, the battered magazine left in an untidy heap on the bed. He crossed the room, stopping when he reached the couch you were lying across.

“Just go,” You found yourself whispering when in fact all you wanted to do was beg him to stay.

“Chester,” Mike paused as he knelt down on the floor beside the couch, “I don’t want to go.”

You didn’t want him to go either. Not just because you were scared of being alone; scared of it happening again. It had to do with the fact you wanted him to stay just as much as he was implying. Letting him know, however, was something you were reluctant to do.

“Let me make it better,” Mike breathed out, suddenly grabbing your free hand, “Please?”

You glanced over to him, his body pressed against the side of the couch; hand entwined around yours and fingers gently gliding over your skin.


You found your fingers linking with his. Something to do with the darkness of his eyes or the intensity of his stare. You weren’t sure which.

“I just want to make things better.”

Things. There was an endless list of things for which Mike had to make up for; a never ending pile of mishaps, lies, deceit and sleepless nights which he had yet to make better again. You sighed and squeezed his hand. You wanted him as much as he wanted you yet for completely different reasons.

Mike cut you free from your wondering thoughts when he leaned in and brushed his lips against yours. You could taste Vodka and mouthwash. You could smell Rob’s aftershave and the faint smell of sweat. You gulped. You hated that everything that was wrong with this man kissing you made you crave it even more.

So, of course, that was your brilliant excuse for kissing him back.

His lips were smooth; his chin rough as it grazed against yours. His hand loosened its grip and danced down to your bare hipbone. You felt your insides melting as his fingertips flicked underneath your towel and arched your back as his tongue slid against yours.


You couldn’t do this. Not again. You couldn’t let him do this.

Mike pulled away, his hand still on your hip. You glanced down and his eyes followed your gaze. You knew he wouldn’t stop or pull away because he never fetching did. His eyes shot back to yours and you stared back at him as he moved his fingers down under the towel, pressing them hard against your stomach; dipping lower and around you until they were stroking the inside of your thigh.

His eyes were heavy. You weren’t sure if that was because of the drink or because his hand was now sliding up and down your thigh and you were trying, and failing, to suppress tiny little moans.

“God Mike just stop,” You were beginning to ache and he flashed you a smile; a devious one at that.

“Ssh,” He whispered, leaning close to you again as his hand wrapped around your erection, “Just let me make things better…”

His eyes locked with yours and your free hand gripped the edge of the couch. His breath hit your lips as his hand begin to rub harder and harder and your hips started to arch and buck in time with his dirty little movements.

“Does that feel better?” He whispered, his lips almost touching yours, “Do you like that Chester?”

You gulped, your throat suddenly feeling terribly dry.

“I just want to make everything better for you,” Mike croaked out, his hand tightening its grip; thumb sliding back and forth over the tip of your erection.

His movements sped up; his eyes never leaving yours once. A smile flickered across his face as he cupped your face with his free hand, splaying fingers across your flushed cheek before sliding them around to the back of your neck, pulling you toward him until your foreheads were touching.

“You’re there aren’t you?” He whispered, “You’re nearly there.”

You nodded in response, swallowing down a gulp of air as his hand moved round to your mouth and pressed down against it. You held your breath as his hand thrashed up and down between your legs. Stars danced before your eyes as you came; his hand clamping tighter against your mouth as you spilled your sticky essence all over the once clean towel. You choked out a cry; felt dizziness washing over you and pushing your body to one side. Then he pulled away and you took in a deep breath of air.

Your body relaxed as Mike got to his feet and straightened out the towel which had slipped down to your knees. You felt yourself sinking into the soft couch beneath you, every bone and muscle of your body sinking into a state of serenity.

Mike leant forward and placed a kiss to your lips, walking away without a word. You felt cold as he headed toward the door, grabbing the bottle of Vodka from the coffee table on his way out.

It was all so fetched up.

You blacking out on stage because you hadn’t slept properly for weeks. You not eating properly because the man you were madly in love with was fetching Rob Bourdon. You sinking further into a self loathing oblivion because you couldn’t find the strength to hate or blame anyone but yourself anymore.

Your best friend coming into your hotel room night after night to comfort you because he was scared of losing you completely. Your best friend making you writhe about in your bunk with his alcohol tinged kisses.

It was all so fetched up.

Probably why you blacked out at that point.

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Gaming / Game Reviews: Harvest Moon 64
17-10-2007, 18:57:05 PM
Another old game review. This is Trigger's take on the game:

First glance: "A farming sim? Sounds boring." WRONG. Harvest Moon is like the Sims, except fun. Farming may seem like a boring thing to do in a game, but it's addicting after playing for a while, and being able to say you're the richest bastard in town is always a plus.

Story: 3 1/2
At the beginning of the game, you're given a bit of a background story. Your grandfather croaks and leaves you his beat down farm in his will. It's not worth a dime in its current condition, so you might as well fix it up. Doesn't sound like much, but the game scores so high in this department because you get to make the story yourself, and as a writer, I enjoy that.

Gameplay: 2 1/2
The gameplay is tedious, but once you get your daily chores done, it starts getting fun. Farming doesn't have to be all bad in this game. There's always other activities to do like fishing (takes some sort of skill or dumb luck to be good at), mining during the winter, and lots of crap to collect. The controls are simple, making it easier to do everything.

Sound: 2 1/2
The game only consists of 7 background songs, one for each season, one for the festivals, and one for walking around in the mountain, each repetitive in it's own way. The other sounds boost this score from what I would give a 1 to a two and a half, simply because the sounds are realistic.

Graphics: 3
When I first bought this game, I wasn't expecting much in the graphics department, since it was the N64, but I was surprised. The graphics are pretty good for the time, and are easy on the eyes. The animal designs look anatomically correct, as do the characters, although they lack mouths everywhere, except when your character drinks/eats something, or down at the bottom next to the dialogue.

Replayability/Multiplayer: 4
The replay value of this game is infinite. The game literally never ends and is addicting. Sometimes I really do have trouble setting down my controller. It's also a fun game to play with a friend on the phone.

Overall: 15
A great sim game, though a bit repetitive. It's still fun to play when you're bored.

Once again, time to throw it to Flies for a second glance.

My take:

Second Glance: Hmmm, apparently I like this game a lot more than Shock does.

Story: 9/10
The story is pretty basic, your grandfather dies, so you get a farm that everybody in town thinks is ghetto as hell. And it is. From then on, you basically write the story until your dad comes in the third year to tell you how much you suck at the game.

Gameplay: 9.5/10
Actually, I pretty much never found the gameplay to be that tedious at all. I mean, sure, at the beginning, it was kind of annoying to water each plant individually, but about halfway through the first year (note: not real time, lol), you get the golden watering can, which makes things a LOT easier. After you get mega-rich, there are events during the year which really make the town feel realistic. The best part of the game IMO is that it never ends, that way you can get insane scores.

Sound: 8/10
The sounds in this game are actually very realistic for its time, making games such as Goldeneye sound incredibly obsolete in the process. The music is actually pretty good, but after about an hour of the same song OVER AND OVER, you'll understand why I gave this a lower score.

Graphics: 8.5/10
The art style in this game is really good as well. Like Shock said, I was impressed with the graphics. For an N64 game, it's pretty damn good.

Replayability/Multiplayer: 10/10
The game never fetching ends, so you can keep playing it. Like Shock said, it's fun to play with a friend on the phone to see how you both are doing and see what you can do different next playthrough.

Overall: 17
The best farm RPG on the N64 is actually a pretty damn good game in its own right.
# 14
Gaming / Game Reviews: Halo 2
17-10-2007, 18:53:20 PM
This is a old game review from GNF. I've decided to post it here because we've decided to start posting them again.

This is Trigger's take on the game.

Our format is as follows: I write review, Flies does a second glance for me. Flies writes review for the same game, I do second glance for him. We're unusual, we rate at 20 stars. Categories include: Gameplay, sound, graphics, storyline, multiplayer/replayability. Individual categories rated on four stars. Our first review is:

First Glance: At first glance, this game is nothing but a mindless alien genocide, but in reality it's...well it's pretty much that. The second installment in the Halo series leaves much to be desired in the one player department, such as a storyline. Great game for taking out anger, as it requires no strategy, the CPU Covenant are hilariously stupid. I'd take strategically killing everything without being seen/damaged over rushing in blindly with an assault rifle opened to full auto.

Storyline: 1 1/2
The story of this game is nearly non-existant, being carried only by the the story of the first game. I won't bothering going into the Halo story in detail, as nearly everyone knows it, but I'll give the key points. The timeline is as follows:
1. Halo 1
2. Master Chief escapes the Halo, after ruining the Flood's poo poo
3. Killing sprees
4. Mass murder
5. Genocide
6. Halo 3
Storyline doesn't exist.

Gameplay: 3
It's a shooter, gameplay for FPS' don't differ all that much. Most of the game consists of running, shooting, and jumping over stuff, followed by more shooting. It becomes tedious after a while. You do get to drive vehicles, which makes it a bit more fun. Who doesn't like running over aliens in a modified Jeep?

Sound: 1
Gunfire, alien screams, yells from fellow soldiers, occasional music while aimlessly walking towards your next checkpoint. Not much to say, it's just repetitive and boring.

Graphics: 2 1/2
The graphics are alright, not too bad to look at, though the colors become bland after a while. The character designs are also ok, though there's not much to differentiate between aliens, except the occasional change in their clothing or armor based on rank. The weapons are designed nicely, the Covenant plasma weapons being a bit outlandish, but still good.

Replayability/Multiplayer: 3
This is where the game redeems itself. The multiplayer is always a fun thing to do with a couple of friends, or even online, with basement dwellers from around the world. The multiplayer has several modes, though some are just the same game with a different name. The replayability of the game is average. The levels are fun to play if you're angry or stressed out, though eventually, the thrill is gone, due to the fact that the missions are easy to memorize.

Overall: Eleven out of twenty stars
An okay FPS with a good multiplayer value. The game seems more like filler for the gap between Halo 1 and 3, than part of the story.

Time to throw it to Flies for a second glance.

This was my take on the game.

Second Glance: Ouch, well, I think that Shock gave Halo 2 a lot more than it's worth, really. Since I'm an avid player of FPSes, I'll include a weapons section because most weapons make the FPS.

Storyline: 3/10
Not even [ censored ] close, man. The storyline is basically a rehash of Halo 1, except this time you play as an Elite who changes his mind about the Covenant. That's it. Oh, yeah, the Brutes revolt or something, I skipped all the cutscenes after the first dozen.

Gameplay: 3.5/10
Not good. The whole of the FPS is pretty much the same as every other FPS that's ever come out onto the market, unlike Halo 1, which I consider to be very innovative with open-ended environmental levels and good vehicles. Halo 2 is one of the most linear games I've ever played. Bust down door, shoot some aliens up, laugh. It's boring and retarded. Another problem is the abundance of Flood levels. NOBODY WANTS TO SHOOT THE FLOOD. All my friends, even the ones that like Halo 2, agree: They need to phase out the Flood altogether or have only three levels or so featuring them.

Sound: 6/10
Okay, I have to give it more here. The music in Halo is top-notch for anyone who actually has a good ear for music. I have to say that the french horn solo track in the beginning is really beautiful, and the whole chorus feel of most of the game is pretty good. However, the sound effects in this game SUCK. The SMG sounds like an automatic BB gun, and the rocket launcher sounds like a bowling ball hitting a marble wall. They really needed to recheck the effects (and voice acting) on this one.

Graphics: 3/10
Though the resolution and models are good, the art style of Halo 2 is absolutely horrid. Most of the levels look like they were started halfway and the art team didn't bother to finish them. Add that to numerous visual bugs, and you've got a pretty bad score.

Weapons: 1/10
The most important aspect of an FPS is its weapons, and this is where Halo 2 falls the most flat. The human sniper rifle is on the level of Doom's BFG, Quake's Railgun, and Counter-Strike's AWM. You don't even need any skill to use it, because it kills in two shots, one for a headshot. It should have been bolt-action, like the one in Gears of War, to balance out its raw power. Besides that, you have a battle-rifle, a poo pooty SMG that nobody uses, the Needler (which I must admit is pretty cool), pistols, the Brute Shot, which sucks, and various other FPS stock weapons.

Replayability/Multiplayer: 4/10
Maybe Shock was playing a different multiplayer game than I was. I don't know. All I know is that the multiplayer in Halo 2 is hideously overrated. Sure, it has plenty of game modes, but all of them pale because the gameplay has severe balancing issues with the weapons and the vehicles. Not to mention that Xbox Live is full of annoying 11-12 year olds who yell "BITCH" and "fetchBALLS" when you kill them, and then accuse you of hacking even though there aren't any hacking tools for a unicorning Xbox game.

Overall: Eight out of Twenty
I've only had fun with Halo 2 in two ways: playing two levels in single player (Outskirts and Delta Halo), and playing "No Snipers" multiplayer occasionally at my friend's LAN parties. Anybody who owns a gaming-quality PC could name a dozen better shooters than Halo 2.

Better Games: Chronicles of Riddick, Quake, Soldier of Fortune 2
Worse Games: Soldier of Fortune 1, Blood 2...uh, it's hard to think of shooters that can be more mediocre than this.
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 lol
17-10-2007, 18:36:35 PM
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