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Hi Klayotic!

Welcome back. What job did you get?
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Social/Off-Topic / I wanna get STEEV'D
18-07-2018, 14:25:28 PM
There will be no shootings as long as the kinderguardians are around
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Social/Off-Topic / I wanna get STEEV'D
18-07-2018, 08:43:26 AM
This is going to destroy idle daddy...
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Announcements / Rotating Banner
14-07-2018, 23:23:55 PM
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Announcements / Rotating Banner
14-07-2018, 19:29:41 PM
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God dammit zigs
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Announcements / Rotating Banner
13-07-2018, 17:10:18 PM
Somebody make a new banner. I want to feel young again...
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Social/Off-Topic / I wanna get STEEV'D
13-07-2018, 17:09:37 PM
drop out of high school asap. let your social skills regress for 8+ years. don't do anything with your life. be a piece of poo poo

How can you say you didn't do anything with your life while simultaneously being an admin of

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Gaming / Twitch Prime free games
13-07-2018, 00:16:18 AM
Every day is a walking sim...
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / Kimchi discussion topic
13-07-2018, 00:15:54 AM
Steamed cabs
# 11
Sports / WORLD CUP 2018
12-07-2018, 16:05:19 PM
You need a playmaker badly. Time to put a ton of pressure on Sessegnon
# 12
Gaming / Twitch Prime free games
11-07-2018, 21:31:42 PM
no what the fetch it's a horror game

do you just assume if it's first person and not a shooter, that means it's a walking simulator?
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Sports / WORLD CUP 2018
11-07-2018, 21:30:22 PM
# 14
Gaming / Twitch Prime free games
11-07-2018, 11:14:08 AM
Also I posted this because of Observer being the free game today
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Gaming / Twitch Prime free games
11-07-2018, 11:13:14 AM
If you have Amazon Prime, you also have Twitch Prime which means you can take part in their month-long giveaway of stuff. A lot of these games are pretty good and haven't been bundled or even put on a large sale yet so it's pretty cool. I don't know if you can just do the 30-day free trial and get them all that way too.

You have to use the Twitch desktop app to download them but they're DRM-free after that so you can launch them directly.
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