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#1 BROTRR Discussion / Need Help Today at 17:14:29
Not as comfy as UR MOM! :twisted:
He's gonna be a "one and done" and you know it
yeah probably
#3 Gaming / GAME REVIEW Today at 17:12:20
In Sound Mind gets my recommendation, one of those games that came out of nowhere and barely made a splash but it's tight as hell!
I still don't get the bit here but I appreciate your commitment

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand My Wife's Junk
I think aside from a couple of token "colonies" in orbit and on mars, we're not really gonna see much human space habitation for a while.  it's hell on the body, and there's really just no point except maybe to visit for fun

asteroid mining seems like the best way forward, but they're so far away and we're nowhere close to running out of stuff on earth just yet

in short, space is for tourism, at least in our lifetimes
turned 34 today

it does not get easier

it does not get better
I still don't get the bit here but I appreciate your commitment
#8 Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese Today at 16:39:15
$6 guac what the fetch

I didn't even pay that kind of price in the bay area
#10 Social/Off-Topic / Investment Thread Today at 16:32:48
This is a big year for big fertilizer. It is still early and the potential for profit is enormous.
how did you know :O
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