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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN:
Yesterday at 12:54:20
ZIGS jerks off into the water supply
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I'm not a big fan of Edward Snowden TBH

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Whenever I think of Theory of a Deadman it just reminds me of Fahrenheit:

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Social/Off-Topic / We'll never hit 250k posts
18-08-2017, 13:19:03 PM
we'd probably be there already if EJ hadn't deleted all of his posts  :unhappy:



Nice topical humor (Y)
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
18-08-2017, 00:26:37 AM
He's making Star Citizen
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 23:10:32 PM
No details cool
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 16:38:28 PM
Waz quit working on it?
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
13-08-2017, 13:47:30 PM
We have a lot of topics about roguelikes floating around so why not consolidate them here? 

My personal favorite is Tales of Maj'Eyal which can be downloaded for free here or for $7 you can buy it on Steam to support the amazing dev (here).  It's much different than traditional roguelikes in that there is no food to worry about and the default mode is one that gives you a few deaths rather than just one. 

A while back @whatusername posted about Sil which is also fantastic but I haven't played it as much.
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
13-08-2017, 13:47:20 PM

start back from post 1

You can use your knowledge to make it better this time
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / BEST ALBUM COVERS
11-08-2017, 23:24:10 PM

Hey, remember these guys? Well they're back!


SPOILER (hover here to read)

There is a lot going on here
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
10-08-2017, 21:40:39 PM
This is the roguelike topic, don't expect any help here
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
10-08-2017, 13:52:39 PM
Good work not directly linking to your image
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
09-08-2017, 23:05:24 PM
Guess you both need to post pics
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Wow I didn't realize youtube supported HEVC uploads now
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