Simple Prison Architect MP question
#1 24-08-2016, 19:05:04 PM
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Earlier today a Prison Architect dev asked me a question I didn't feel qualified to answer:
David C.: Alright, so...
David C.: Right now we don't NPCs synchronized in Prison Architect, so their AI is turned off.
David C.: Synchronizing them seems like the most important feature we can add.
David C.: *don't have NPCs synchronized
David C.: Now, the question is...
David C.: Should the NPC pathfinding, logic, and so on run on the server?
David C.: Or should it run on the clients?
David C.: Eh, nevermind.
David C.: I'll talk to you when you're in the mood for this kind of stuff.

My first thought was do it on the server since players could possibly mod their clients to cheat, but I never coded a multiplayer game before (Pocket Rigs was never finished) so I wasn't 100% confident about my answer.

What do you guys think? Use the poll above

#2 24-08-2016, 20:01:23 PM
These guys spent 6 years building a game that doesnt have the AI turned on?   :belair:

#3 25-08-2016, 10:17:10 AM
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Without dedicated servers I feel like client-side would be best, but I also have no idea

#4 25-08-2016, 18:23:43 PM
Prison architect is so good, from 6 years ago when it was an alpha nothing has changed except they added the escape mode and a gang function that does nothing.  :belair: I didn't know it had servers

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