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Best money you've ever spent
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I forgot to turn off autopay, so we have at least 6 more months of quality posts like this.

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He is all of us...
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Who are you?
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Hi there
Most people don't know but I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese. What's funny is that 2 of the most commonly used words sound like "Nigga" and "Jigga," but they really mean "Umm" or "But" or "This" or something like that  (you can easily Google this to verify!).

When Dice and I were in Beijing we went to a KFC and saw this Chinese kid standing behind a African-American woman. The kid's mom asked him what he wanted and the he was like:
"Niggga..... Niggga..... Nigggaa......"

Then the African-American woman got upset สมัครufabet

....... what do u think about that ?
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The WINNERness takes a couple of days to kick in, hang in there BROTRRer!

#98 Social/Off-Topic / Why 16-10-2017, 03:11:10 AM
I became you're winner but I still want to die does that go away or am I forever cursed
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