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#11 Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s 22-05-2017, 21:59:25 PM
Please post any unexpected 69s you encounter
Big Rigs Champions Free Puzzle RPG
rigs of war
cirus - Today at 12:56 AM
my bad
blame nate
tasebotBOT - Today at 12:56 AM
wasn't the 2015 the year of blame nate
Just pushed out a new update - Just little bugfixes unfortunately

But I have a few plans for the FUTURE:

* Integrate Google Play Achievements to encourage more posting and rating
* Add offline mode
* Probably add some kind of notifications for ratings and new posts (pull notifications instead of push most likely)

Also kinda wanna make a big rigs themed match 3 game to learn libgdx

Just trying to expand my small brain to its limits and learn everything i can so that maybe, just maybe, I can stop being a failure le sigh
RIP my WINNER aport 5/19/17 - 5/19/17 Wikipedia is  :loser:
SPOILER (hover here to read)
Rod Roddy, former Price is Right host  :roddy:

Just checked his Wikipedia page and I found that it had no image. "THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE" I said. Go check it now lmfao


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