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#1 Gaming / Idle Daddy Today at 16:18:03
The best app ever just keeps getting better
#2 Gaming / Idle Daddy Today at 13:02:10
1.6 rolling out!

Added "Simple farming" option (Idles games without bringing them up to 2 hours first)
Added option to minimize data usage by not downloading the game art
#4 Gaming / Steam group curator Today at 11:56:03
more like star poo pooizen!!!!!!!!!!
#5 Gaming / Steam group curator Yesterday at 19:45:45
BONE TOMAHAWK:  Western, mild horror.  Some men go hunting to find a couple of kidnapped people.  Details their struggles, conflicting characters and the strange enemy they face.  The harshness of frontier life which changes the way some people think and act to the extreme.  Kurt Russell is always great in Westerns.  Movie is fairly good.
 :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
#7 Gaming / Steam group curator Yesterday at 16:46:09
i recommend star citizen
#10 Gaming / Idle Daddy Yesterday at 15:39:34
I wish we could speak with the developer of such an incredible product
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