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forum post analyst
#2 Social/Off-Topic / ass Yesterday at 23:25:33
JC can analyze more things than just cryptocurrency
@JC VON BASTARD thanks for deciphering Bjorno's cryptic message. I now know what to do :trophy:
jc has good reading comprehension
zigs i will say based on context that bjorno wants you to listen to slough feg
hmm, Skrag picked the British band..... (both these songs equally rule IMO but Pagan Altar is the superior band)

Also @bjorno the hedgehog never listened to Slough Feg, should I??????
Pagan Altar
#9 Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga 17-01-2018, 17:35:07 PM
more like it was underrated
I thought we all were fricking nerds
speak for yourself, you fricking nerd
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