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Social/Off-Topic / This place is still alive?
13-12-2018, 22:58:14 PM
I've had a bot making my posts on here for years
# 2
yeah because it's a lame imitation of takis
# 3
more information is just what bjorno's nasse muschi needs
# 4
auf wiedersehen
# 5
what the fetch

that was the only reason I went

I want my money back
# 6
did bobby ever grow his hair out? is it curly like peggy's?
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Social/Off-Topic / This place is still alive?
30-11-2018, 16:42:06 PM
not really
# 8
fetch YOU

takis and mountain dew is my go to road food snack.  The caffeine and horrible flavor of the mountain dew is just enough to wake me up, and once I'm halfway through the bag of takis the slow-build burn has reached critical levels, which serves to keep me awake
# 9
what the fetch

what does it actually taste like
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WINNER Help / Cooking a turkey
30-11-2018, 16:31:22 PM
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Sports / Brazil dun goofed
30-11-2018, 14:56:38 PM
so the legends were true
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Family Guy
30-11-2018, 14:34:10 PM
what's it even about now

has it turned into an issue of the week show like south park?
# 14
Takis are great because they're painful to eat in every way: hard to chew, turning into sharp edged chip pieces to lacerate the gums, and burning like unholy fire as the spice seeps into your wounds
# 15
wait is it a bot???
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