How to Joe Rogan kick
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Man I was practicing this kick in my apartment and my non-heterosexual persongot neighbor came to my door complaining about the noise.
He's lucky I didn't joe rogan steev kick him in the stomach and explode all his organs

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I'm going to make a video of me working the heavy bag EDIT I yell a lot when I do it  EDIT2: I was amped up a few months ago and shadowboxing in my bathroom and I hit the wall by mistake and tore that MFer up EDIT 3: I usually shadowbox with 5 pound dumbbells in each hand so the force from my pure fists was so much it wrecked the drywall. Thank god I know how to sheetrock and sand and paint

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One time when I was a little kid I was playing this very dangerous game Virtua Fighter for EyeToy

I was facing the TV fighting my opponent when suddenly my sister jumped in front of me cuz she wanted to play!
I accidentally slapped her in the face she fell down so hard and started crying and I was in big trouble

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