WWF confronts Glenn Becks, whips up that jabroni smackdown know your role
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#2 26-02-2013, 06:20:47 AM
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Isn't he that guy from Fox News, and if so, was he going to get beat-up?

#3 26-02-2013, 07:20:11 AM
Barack Obama wasn't born here

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#5 26-02-2013, 13:56:18 PM
He's one of the announcers -- Michael Cole. 

#6 26-02-2013, 14:02:52 PM
You're Winner gold for the first person who can find the WWF Katie Vick necrophilia video:

"Triple H claimed that, several years earlier, Kane had an unrequited relationship with a woman named Katie Vick.[38] He went on to claim that, after Vick was killed in a car crash, Kane's (driver) had sex with her. Triple H later threatened to show video footage of Kane committing the act in question; however, the footage that finally aired showed Triple H (dressed as Kane) simulating mock sex with a mannequin in a casket;"

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