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I enjoy hamburgers
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I don't think i'm comfortable being a member of a forum where this behavior goes on :( :( :(
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omg how could u guys do this
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Wait what is confrontational? U mean someone made a thread about me in the vip room and is talking poo poo about me? wtf why would anyone do that? I just was talking about what i'd like to do personally I didn't know this actually goes on here!!! wow I don't know if i'll be comfortable using this forum anymore if that's the case!
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U guys think white girls is good it shows how little you know. This thread should be about the film "Little Man"

smh the movie section on filmcow wouldn't have done this mistake
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Social/Off-Topic / Post 10.000
26-07-2013, 21:18:22 PM
Also congrats Zigs this is a historic milestone for you  :belair: :belair: :belair: :belair: :belair:
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Social/Off-Topic / Post 10.000
26-07-2013, 21:17:44 PM
@steev I think I found a bug why does it say u use Ubuntu when we all know u are using slackware - not sent from my iphone
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No I did see it but everyone in the store was black or Mexican and I didn't want to get ridiculed for buying a soda with a big pic of shaq on it
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Sent from my iphone
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It's ok I am in the VIP forum on and I have a secret poo poo talking thread there because I am a huge passive aggressive non-heterosexual persongot
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Hey Constantine maroulis get ur own picture blog sent from my iPhone
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Talking poo poo behind people's back is really great. You get that false sense of everyone agreeing with you because the target is not able to respond, so you can really insulate yourself and make yourself feel good.

It is not like it's something that a homosexual highschool child would do or anything.
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Can I have a private forum so I can make a thread about talking poo poo about people behind their back?
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I stopped checking those because usually it's a warning from admins about how Svetlana is trying to get me banned. Sorry about that, i'll be sure to check them
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