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Social/Off-Topic / Drama Button
18-04-2014, 19:34:37 PM
# 2
hey guys i just ate a pear and blue cheese pizza

Hey guys i just ate a hamburger

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Social/Off-Topic / JURY DUTY!?
18-04-2014, 17:09:08 PM
You never know, steev.

# 4
Social/Off-Topic / Pope dope
18-04-2014, 16:09:37 PM
I think this guy is part of the Vatican.

# 5
Social/Off-Topic / Pope dope
18-04-2014, 11:57:05 AM

That could have been one hell of a party, but someone probably chickened out and wouldn't jam 14 filled condoms up their ass :(

VATICAN plods suspect that whoever ordered 14 condoms filled with liquid cocaine worth about 40,000  took fright and decided to leave them languishing in the post office.
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Social/Off-Topic / JURY DUTY!?
17-04-2014, 20:33:43 PM
Do you know what the case is about yet?
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# 8
would you guys rather cut your dick off or your balls off?


Wouldn't balls taste better though?
# 9
Well, he might have bleed to death if the fall didn't kill him.

But maybe I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt for some sanity as calculation for um... WTF am I saying?
# 10
Feedback/Help / shop item suggestion
16-04-2014, 21:16:25 PM
I like user submitted news

But I don't feel like making any shop items so someone else should

I know my news sucks. I wont buy any so don't be scared.
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Social/Off-Topic / Persecuting the gays
15-04-2014, 23:19:48 PM
I subconsciously persecute Cirus, only when I'm not conscious about it though.
# 12
mo wonder i've lost so much weight on the coors diet!

Just drink twice as much.
# 13
Almonds, pecans, walnuts and cashews = brain food.

So are blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.
# 14
you should test this idea out on yourself WOTR

make sure to aim for your head too


Excellent idea.
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Persecuting the gays
15-04-2014, 11:10:27 AM

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