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# 1
Social/Off-Topic / First post of juuly
15-07-2019, 11:17:22 AM
Mind is juuling rn
# 2
Feedback/Help / Attn: Cirus
24-03-2019, 12:39:29 PM
Cirus why did you leave and delete all your posts?
# 3
Social/Off-Topic / HAPPY BIRTHDAY
25-11-2013, 19:45:14 PM
our own JCX is finally 12!!!! :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin:
# 4
Social/Off-Topic / yo cirus
05-02-2013, 22:27:34 PM
happy 12th birthday  :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin:
# 5
Ask JCX / would you support
30-11-2012, 14:24:14 PM
# 6
I would really like to know
# 7
07-11-2012, 23:44:54 PM
add a post rating post rating so i can rate peoples post ratings
# 8
Ask Svetlana / how does it feel
02-11-2012, 02:14:01 AM
how does it feel to be from the same country as zigs and to therefore know him personally.  also why doesnt he post anymore
# 9
Social/Off-Topic / 2 legit 2 quit
10-08-2012, 14:34:14 PM
all you brothas that 2 legit 2 quit skool should post what classes you takinP

im in
partial differntial equations
intro to robotic systems design I
elements of materials science engineering
foundations of astrophsics
physics for scientists II
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / Summer 2012
16-05-2012, 00:11:47 AM
Who else is dumb enough to take summmer classes my schedule is pretty short

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations and
Statics and Mechanics of Materials
# 11
Ask bjorno / Nunavut
08-05-2012, 01:06:57 AM
Why dont you live there yet
# 12
Social/Off-Topic / Rowdy Tuesday
23-04-2012, 20:02:48 PM
Alles alles gute zum Geburtstag!!!  :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin:
# 13
GAY POLICE / fetch the police
01-04-2012, 04:23:49 AM
i literally think it would be hot to fetch some police, this should probably go in the fetish section but whatever  :bidoof:
# 14
Fetish Discussion / Asians
01-04-2012, 04:22:56 AM
I have a huge fetish for asians, particularly ones rich enough to do mundane activities in a suit because it shows they are powerful and confident.  My favorite activities include long walks and the beach and bike riding.  Basically my dream buttbudy is an asian whos not afraid to go on the beach or ride a bike in business atire. 
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / official anime topic
09-01-2012, 00:48:30 AM
dem gooks be makin cartoons now
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