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When will America be good at football? Why are there no billionaires throwing money at this problem?
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Gaming / Star Citizen
21-06-2024, 08:51:17 AM
How does Tamriel Rebuilt run on your PC? Are there ever FPS drops in large cities?

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Gaming / Star Citizen
20-06-2024, 08:53:18 AM
The first time I heard of the game was a few months ago. The first time I looked into the game was a few days ago. Apparently there is a $48,000 DLC for ballers. Everyone on YouTube is outraged by this but I figure the game must be pretty compelling for rich people to drop so much $$$ on it.

It looks like the first truly next gen game. You can land on full sized planets and travel between planets and there are no load

Criticism of the game also seems fair. It has been in the works since 2013 and the game is still in alpha. The full game won't likely be released for another five or six years. Although this only makes me like the devs more since they are unwilling to compromise on their grand vision.

I'm as excited about this game as I am for Tamriel Rebuilt. If I live another five years, I will buy a gaming computer to play this game.

What do you guys think? I'm sure some of you have known about this game a lot longer than I have.
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Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
19-06-2024, 12:13:36 PM
I haven't had sardines in a LONG time.
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Social/Off-Topic / Investment Thread
19-06-2024, 12:11:26 PM
Bitcoin is probably going to dip below $50,000 before eventually going up again. It's worth buying a little in the $40-50,000 range.
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I did a 39 hour fast this week.

ribs  poking out like the Baba Sali
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Social/Off-Topic / Investment Thread
06-06-2024, 21:35:44 PM
How do I make money off of the coming AI revolution?

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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
04-06-2024, 01:10:35 AM
I'm reading Putin's Kleptocracy.
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
04-06-2024, 00:42:08 AM
You'd have to be pretty naive to think that primitive people are happier or more in tune with nature. The only reason why  any piece of technology is adopted on a large scale is because it takes care of some human need. Many primitive peoples practice cannibalism and they are always squabbling and killing each other over limited resources.

Their populations are small because their methods of resource extraction are inefficient and they are constantly dying frim preventable diseases and starvation. They are uneducated and come up with all sorts of convoluted theories about spirits and curses to explain  phenomenon in the natural world.
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Gaming / Secret of Pokemon Sword.
03-06-2024, 07:52:10 AM
The original theme song is so good:
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm on the Computer
03-06-2024, 05:14:02 AM
Wasn't rotten a gore site? I always hated those sites
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I don't know anything about football but I'm kind of curious what you guys think about Milwall. They have a reputation for being a rowdy bunch.
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
22-05-2024, 08:24:42 AM
I bought 1x Genestealers Combat Patrol
 I'm going to go ahead and use this thread to keep the community updated on my foray into tabletop war gaming.
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm on the Computer
16-05-2024, 00:16:31 AM
I love gamefaqs!
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