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# 31
Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
01-06-2023, 21:39:05 PM

I did it
"Produced in Portugal"
:portugal:  :portugal: :portugal: :portugal:
# 32
Congrats to Luton Town first time in the English first division since 1960
# 33
Spursmund what an embarrassing club
# 34
God I hope everton get relegated. They have been dire poo poo for two years now, terribly managed club,their fans still thinks its the 80s. Annoyed arsenal bottling with such a lead. Watching man city win it again is sickening. My fingers are crossed for dortmund. Bayern winning 10 in a row  is criminal, worse then the scottish premiership these days for one club domination. Ligue 1 is an awful league imo it never really had its true golden age like serie a in the 90s or la liga in late 2000s early 2010s, its just psg spending ridiculous money on lavish players to play against tiny clubs and the fact they even lost a league to lille says it all.  Sad sporting Lisbon couldn't keep up this season I always root for them in liga nos. Delighted napoli  won there fans have passion on a another level its crazy the team played entertaining football all season.  Shout out to feyenoord winning the Eredivisie. Just wanna point out this one the most entertaining football matches i have watched  live
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Sports / Celtics got a chance?
15-05-2023, 03:25:33 AM
Philly sports teams are on suicide watch now. Eagles: bottled the super bowl Philies: bottled the world series Flyers: lmfao now the 76ers. It must be miserable been a philly native sports fan.
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Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
14-05-2023, 08:31:56 AM
32 dollars well spent. What kinda sardines did ye get brother?
# 37
Ask Board / Most Frequented Fast Food
14-05-2023, 08:29:00 AM
I only eat at Supermac's
Thank you for supporting Irish businesses
# 38
Sports / Celtics got a chance?
13-05-2023, 00:28:52 AM
 :stamp: or  :loser:?
# 39
I can't tell which posts are serious and which ones are not. Is steev really a hatemonger or is there an inside joke that is going over my head? I didn't know he was a heavy drinker.

Whatever the case, I hope steev is doing well. He was positive and upbeat when I was a regular poster here so that's the kind of person I choose to remember him as.
# 40
Sports / Portuguese master race
13-05-2023, 00:18:38 AM
 :portugal: :portugal: :portugal: :portugal: :portugal: :portugal:
# 41
I was at that match. Would anyone care to explain the result?

Spurs are poo poo, all of their players are mentally weak. Mou said it, Conte said it, and they were both right.
That's exactly what I said to spurs fans. Don't forget about losing a cl in first 5 minute's, bottling the league to Leicester City and losing to MS mura in europa conference league a Slovenian team. North London football must be on suicide watch now.
# 42
Visit Newcastle brothers! Great place!
# 43
Compare: San Antonio Spurs or Tottenham Hotspurs? Do they share DNA?
# 44
Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
01-05-2023, 01:35:17 AM
Sardines are disgusting, y'all can drop the bit now
# 45

No joking I was at the game! It was such a great experience. I was in the away end with the spurs fans, my god they where fetching seething. What a fetching game. Newcastle supporters make a mega noise.
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