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Ok I have a pet snake it keeps measuring me in my bed. I know it's going to eat me but do you reckon I should dress up for the occasion like drizzle myself in BBQ sauce, could you suggest the best way to dress myself up for a hungry snake?

Regards unsuky
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 :usa: :canada: :uk: :portugal: :finland: :quebec: :estonia: :csa: :bidoof:
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / ATTN: Svetlana
26-10-2012, 18:38:08 PM
# 20
Social/Off-Topic / Nexus 10 leaked
26-10-2012, 17:42:26 PM Steev why aren't you reporting this before I am.
# 21
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN:GRIGNR
25-10-2012, 03:10:16 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
24-10-2012, 20:57:35 PM
Posting this from Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with "browser" on Cyanogen Mod 10 Nightlys  Android 4.1.2
# 23
Ask Steev & YWOC / What you think of GNOME 3?
22-10-2012, 22:11:21 PM
Please tell me Steev and you can also answer YWOC If you want
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Social/Off-Topic / ASUS Nexus 7
04-10-2012, 05:59:22 AM
Typing this from Google Chrome M18.1 on Google Android 4.1.1 " jelly bean".

also nexus 7 achievement cube please.
# 25
And when did  you start getting into android and why
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: STEEV
16-08-2012, 14:34:35 PM
Steev I'm having dilemma atm over what tablet I should get, I want a 10 inch one but I don't know what to get should i get the Asus Transformer Terga 3 tablet  or wait for the galaxy note 10.1? I have the original galaxy tab 7 but I don't want another 7 inch tablet cuz I think there a bit to small for what I want out of a tablet. please help
# 27
Are you sick of using the whiteys racist operating systems?
Feel like that modern technology just isnt nigga enough?
Well theres a operating system to combat them problems

http://linuxforupstanding African-American member of

there goal is to make an operating system nigga friendly as possible with 100% whitey oppression free.
There is a very limited early build you can download. the full release is  planned for a august 2012 release.
Oh and don't worry its free and open source so you don't have to hold anyone at gun point to get it. 
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Social/Off-Topic / GPH GP2X CAANOO
23-07-2012, 22:08:57 PM
fetching awesome device.  Typing this from CAANOO firmware 1.61 rev167 with Arora Browser v0.5.
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Continuing on from horsebot9000 question
# 30
BROTRR Discussion / Who's WINNER?........
10-06-2012, 23:39:04 PM
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