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Movies, TV, Music, Books / BEST ALBUM COVERS
06-05-2022, 20:30:46 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
04-05-2022, 21:09:28 PM
Sounds like you should wear gloves
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
25-04-2022, 22:36:59 PM
are they wrapped with barbed wire
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
20-04-2022, 20:47:17 PM
Start against walls and work your way to vertical. I can't do them anymore and now I have plant on the wall I trained on, so I'm simply cursed to never handstand again
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
15-04-2022, 00:34:34 AM
You could crush the slivers
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maybe because you're too poor (stupid) to see them???
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
13-04-2022, 21:31:48 PM
Does using it increase vascularity and density in the forearms? Do you find the increased grip strength to be useful?

I like climbing on monkey bars because it mostly engages the forearms but monkey bars alone cannot build big, beautiful forearms. I'm going to probably fill a backpack full of water bottles and then climb on the

You'll see visual increases but the main benefit is functional strength. I've seen more vascularity from other workouts, like pullups, deadlifts and handstands, while crush trainers are relatively a lower volume exercise with a very specific focus. I used to have a full forearm routine of plate pinches a couple variants of reverse curls but decided I didn't really care that much when crushers accomplish a lot of the same strength goals. I can't really think of a scenario where more grip strength wouldn't be useful.
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And here I am lining up like its the soviet union at the Reveal Post Ratings store where all the shelves are empty. Hmm oh I guess it's more like Sleepy Joe's Communist AmeriKKKa 2022.

there are 41 in stock

typical sleepy meep post smh
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
12-04-2022, 23:31:07 PM
You should start with the Trainer model. Even if it's difficult you could work your way up to it easily enough. I also have a #1 which I could close more easily when I lifted but not as much anymore. The asymmetrical design makes it slightly harder on the left hand but it's not a big deal. Other grip trainers just don't compare.

Stretch bands are also good if you have forearm issues from constantly jacking off
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Feedback/Help / Happy forum admin day!
02-04-2022, 18:33:53 PM
Meep is fetching things up so much you'd think he's a forum admin!
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: ZIGS
28-03-2022, 22:01:35 PM
ZIGS thank you for the answer. I hadn't heard of it until yesterday and my friend thought it was popular in Portugal for some reason. Wikipedia disagreed and now I have proof
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: ZIGS
28-03-2022, 22:00:39 PM
Guys the bustling private messaging system exists for things like this -_- Can we please keep this board on-topic it is hard enough to keep up with the constant flow of content here.

there's only one flow you need to concern yourself with, and that can stay in the cumposting topic
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: ZIGS
27-03-2022, 21:30:38 PM
Is orange wine a common thing in Portugal? It may also be called amber wine or skin-contact wine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
23-03-2022, 00:47:07 AM
use CAPTAINS OF CRUSH to improve your hand strength
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Cumposting Kiwami
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