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I was moved to tears by its beauty
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Social/Off-Topic / theres a hole in my pockets
18-09-2016, 14:16:21 PM
What type of clothing is this pocket in?
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BROTRR Discussion / Rigging activity
16-09-2016, 02:25:11 AM
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Ive watched a bunch of obscure crackpot old egypt stuff, but you cant get interested in that show for 20 minutes without some goofy haired dude telling you et did it with his anti gravity lasers. Ancient aliens is  :loser: like ghost adventures in terms of making a joke out of its own premise
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
27-04-2016, 01:57:44 AM
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Im assuming you can drive through those buildings?

Not by default, but after some trial and error I figured out how to enable the rigs to pass through buildings
It looks like someone has hidden a police road block in each one of those buildings, so what you have to do is go in the editor and delete all of the police roadblocks

Finally, things will work as you'd expect:

I'm guessing since they used this as a sample they didn't spend time programming the infinite speed and phasing through objects which would probably cost undecillions of dollars
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Im assuming you can drive through those buildings?
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I would definitely not want to live in a house made of math but I will start calling useless things calculus from now on
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Social/Off-Topic / Celebrity deaths
07-02-2016, 14:05:50 PM
Gene Simmons is on Dr.  Phil today. His plane did not crash

I really hope Dr Phil goes before gene Simmons
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If she was born a cat she probably would have been dead from old age a while ago so I don't see the appeal
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Social/Off-Topic / Buffdog Buffy Buff Correll
28-01-2016, 01:33:11 AM
That sucks he worked hard to get that sexy only to look so dumb
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. He stopped the ultimate traffic stopper. I saw an article once where a rescue found a stoned owl, obviously this one was playing BROTRR.
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Screw this dehumidifier poo poo you just got a free swimming pool start enjoying it
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