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This just in: Skrag still hasn't gone to Five Guys

what shall I buy when I go to Five Guys next week
I would recommend some form of burger with fries.
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This just in: Skrag still hasn't gone to Five Guys
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Social/Off-Topic / Reminder
16-04-2017, 13:20:58 PM
Go to Five Guys you butt
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05-04-2017, 14:45:56 PM
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The basic just of it is that the guy in the middle just roasted someone and his friends are freaking out about how good it was. It's in fact a parody video where the thing he said wasn't even really that clever which makes the exaggerated reaction of his squad even more funny. 
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Hilariously enough the vita has more games.
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Social/Off-Topic / hey
08-03-2017, 23:38:35 PM
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Black Mirror
04-03-2017, 18:34:05 PM
What's to discuss?
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Social/Off-Topic / /!\ ROGUELIKE /!\
04-03-2017, 18:33:24 PM
Dungeons of Dredmor
Pixel Dungeon/variants

WazHack - First and only roguelike I ever mastered. Until I can put as many hours into another roguelike, WazHack takes first prize.

ToME4 - Experimental roguelike that does away with consumables and grinding. When I first tried it 3 years ago, I was overwhelmed by all the character options, but now I realize I was just being a baby.

Hyperrogue - tactical roguelike with an innovative presentation. Uses hyperbolic geometry instead of the traditional euclidean geometry. There is a euclidean   mode you can enable to see that this is NOT just an irrelevant gimmick - it really affects the gameplay. There's also a cool shmup mode and multiplayer modes

Rest are nothing special
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Rick & Morty
02-03-2017, 21:08:23 PM
Skrag get on discord
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Rick & Morty
01-03-2017, 22:06:50 PM
Everybody here likes Rick and Morty.

Anyone here ever go to Five Guys?
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Stop projecting ZIGS
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I'll think about it
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