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Linux Gaming / Multiplayer Dunmer Group
Yesterday at 12:40:38
I'm gonna at least okay with MADD leveler
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Linux Gaming / Multiplayer Dunmer Group
Yesterday at 12:40:20
Citrus modlist
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Feedback/Help / migration
15-01-2018, 18:52:03 PM
i vote for expandingbrain
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Linux Gaming / Multiplayer Dunmer Group
14-01-2018, 21:32:34 PM
Cirus who are you gonna RP ?

Party so far:
Blaze Flanagan
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Linux Gaming / Multiplayer Dunmer Group
14-01-2018, 16:22:14 PM
lets play morrowind multiplayer together. hardcore RP only. post your char's name and biography if you want to join:

Blaze Flanagan

 Overly-friendly and kind.  He loves vvanderfell so much, he refuses to speak to n'wah unless necessary, and he walks EVERYWHERE, so you can usually see him enjoying a walk with his fellow dunmer all beside him.  He may come off as clingy, but he really just wants to be friends with other dunmer.  He set out to see vvanderfell, vivec, and other tribesmen from all walks and life.  Due to his outgoing nature and the amount of traveling he's done in his life so far, he has an amazing range of connections with other dunmer, from scientists to rich folks to anybody in between.  Because of this, he can get his hands on almost ANYTHING....but usually, the things he's given are forced onto him.  He will never ask for anything, preferring to get them by his own means.  But if they're REALLY insistent, and they usually are, then he has to accept them, so that he doesn't hurt their feelings.

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Feedback/Help / migration
14-01-2018, 16:04:25 PM
i feel safe now, i can safely submit my password i use for everything on this site now
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Feedback/Help / migration
31-12-2017, 15:31:22 PM
Thx for hard work. Admins
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Can we stop fighting,
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Gaming / Sweet game deals
15-07-2017, 16:30:33 PM
Me too

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I approve of this blog
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how do i graduate from old spice
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where to next!!!?

I don't know! I hope you guys know that i'm always open to ideas about where to go next. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts & suggestions.

Nice blog, @whatusername . I grew up riding dirt bikes so I know a little bit. One time I was riding in my dad's backyard where he had hung up a clothesline to dry his clothes. I forgot about it and it knocked me right on my ass. That's when I learned to respect the bike.

IMO, this rider does not respect the bike yet. They have their head up high when it should be down low in case of clothelines. I hope they learn before it's too late.

thanks for the kind words & story @steev , you've brought to light an issue ive never thought of. I thought i knew how to respect the bike but after hearing ur story im not so sure anymore.

great video, i'm surprised at how many people actually wear helmets. Say what you will about their driving culture but at least they take precatuions towards having their brains slplattered on the road

fascinating observation! thanks 4 sharing, i would have missed that if it werent for the collaborative nature of web 2.0 & the lovely community here

I should buy a dashcam and make a driving video

i will review all of your videos
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Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
27-09-2016, 22:50:39 PM
lets go hillary
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hey bros, welcome to my driving video review blog. feel free to join me as I rate & review cool driving videos in cities from around the world so you know which vids are hot and which are not.

today's video features vietnam:

this video features someone's morning commute to work on a motorcycle. what particularly struck me upon first viewing was how the close-ranged nature of the cinematography throughout provided an honest & charming look at hanoi's streets and daily life. i was really immersed & invested in this distant city across the world. The sound was excellent as well. there isnt any stupid music so u can enjoy the raw industrial hum of hanoi's morning traffic.

i think what i enjoyed most was how we got to see a diverse range scenery throughout the vid. from upper class gated communities to dingy backalleys to neighbourhoods in the midst of modernization & many more, we get to see the many varied urban landscapes hanoi has to offer.

now ill admit there are some haters in the comments about his driving but i dont know how to drive a motorcycle so who am I to judge?

Overall, i'd have to give this video an 9/10, it sets a good standard for what I think driving videos should be.  :belair:

have any thoughts or comments on the article or vietnam you'd like to add? feel free to let me know in the comments below. don't forget to like & subscribe as well, thanks

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