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Review me
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Gaming / I suck
27-03-2014, 19:17:51 PM
wow they make you shoot it in the body and track the animal after the shot, sounds like they made it realistic, also who hunts with a recurve bow, use a compound bow, and with any bow if the draw weight is to low of course it won't kill. 
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Social/Off-Topic / mein kampf
24-03-2014, 16:30:48 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Scary math?
22-01-2014, 16:51:00 PM
this topic contains nothing scary and virtually no math!!!
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Feedback/Help / Remove the logout button
14-01-2014, 03:37:08 AM
Change the logout button so that when you click it instead of logging out you lose all your rigcoins and your avatar gets a hat that says LOSER on it. 
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if greenpeace did it I think we shouldn't those hippie terrorists are destroying america :usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa:
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Social/Off-Topic / It's cold outside.
07-01-2014, 21:19:15 PM
Its sooo cold here that I was forced to go inside for class like a nerd instead of pelting people with snowballs all day at college. 
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Social/Off-Topic / It's cold outside.
07-01-2014, 01:18:02 AM
also this cold weather is perfect for black metal.
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Social/Off-Topic / It's cold outside.
07-01-2014, 01:16:40 AM
celsius is for people who aren't man enough to use fahrenheit.   
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Social/Off-Topic / Donut Appreciation Topic
03-01-2014, 22:35:27 PM
bagels are just hipster donuts with no sugar and they suck
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Social/Off-Topic / Donut Appreciation Topic
30-12-2013, 00:35:18 AM
Maybe you should be thankful because in many parts of the world, those leftover donuts would be the difference between life and death.
where I come from, eating the last raspberry filled donut will get you killed

As a fat kid I can confirm that I regularly kill people for taking the last raspberry filled
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Do you spend a poo poo load of cash on medical care because of how the US system works?

Based on the US system he now has to challenge someone in a fight to the death in an attempt to take their doctor. 
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Social/Off-Topic / why did the hipster drown
09-12-2013, 02:31:18 AM
because breathing air is too mainstream
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Social/Off-Topic / Hot Sauce is good
07-12-2013, 02:38:44 AM
I like how cirus talks about "popular asian sauces" as if any asian sauce sold in the united states isn't intended for mass consumption.
asian sauces are sold in the united states because they are better at math than typical hot sauces
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it also sucks that I use fahrenheit instead of celsius

wait you mean 50 C isnt cold
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