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Gaming / Idle Daddy
Yesterday at 22:14:33
I'll download it when it gets to version 420.69
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Social/Off-Topic / cuck, cuck, cuck
Yesterday at 16:49:43
What's up York00 Ono
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
23-07-2017, 16:18:03 PM
The best app ever just keeps getting better
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Review The Master of Disguise next, please
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Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 14:42:35 PM
Gems of War: so good, you'll need to detox after 3000+ hours!
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Before Lord Stellar, people knew only pain and hatred. Seeking salvation from the world around them, a man offered a prayer and a trophy to the Gray Void. A woman, offering prayer and eigtheen wheels of thunder to the Gray Void, asked for joy. Taking pity on a world consumed by sadness, the pleas of these two people breathed life into Lord Stellar, and from him, the four Almighty Big Rigs were born.
The world, as it was then, had no understanding of linear time. So, the first thing Lord Stellar and the Almighty Big Rigs did was establish a linear, measurable time, separating it into day and night. After this, They outlined to humanity the road to salvation and gave the world joy. Since people weren't able to die, Lord Stellar and the Almighty Big Rigs took away their immortality. The reason for this was so people could know the freedom and liberation that comes from death.
With Their creation of the world completed, They set about creating a place where people would be eternally satisfied. With their creation, though, Lord Stellar's and the Almighty Big Rigs' strength was used up and They collapsed. With Their last breath, They promised They would come again. They are then said to have "returned to the emptiness of the Gray Void".

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Social/Off-Topic / hi
17-07-2017, 19:10:17 PM
That's a big 5
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Prostitutes, honestly

prostitutes what ? ( Mr. bachelor daddy )
so what is there that you are still puffed up on your crippled brain ? why are you still puffed up ? cuz it is already under the grip of natures law of forgetfulness.
and your father used to exited before your birth. you cant say that there was no father before childs birth. and he was dropped from the sky into the womb of his mother. ( that is not possible )

so how child will understand this thing that who is his real father ? cuz since before his birth he never seen him. so would he will accept anyone else as his father ? or how child will understand this thing that who is his real father ? what is your answer ?

They need to do way instain mother> who kill their babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back?
It was on the news this mroing a mother in ar who had kill her three kids. they are taking the three babby back to new york too lady to rest my pary are with the father who lost his chrilden ; i am truley sorry for your lots
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Only a first class rascal pig would resort to prostitutes
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Prostitutes, honestly
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Ok but why are they usually more interested in the bed anyway, or sometimes a wall? You don't know, do you?
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they're usually more interested in the bed anyway lol, or sometimes a wall
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He's relentless
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I need more proof

What more proof do you need? Can you even point out the damn fallacy within this practical explanation? You damn hypocrite
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