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Gaming / Game Identification Help Thread
12-03-2014, 14:30:33 PM
A few years ago, someone made a thread promoting an older, apparently underrated and underplayed game that I remember being quite good., but I've since forgot the title and can't think of any search terms to turn it up. It was an older, 2D one-life game where you must survive on an alien planet after crashing your spaceship on it. If you die, you have to restart the entire game, and I believe each game started on a new semi-random procedurally generated world. You could choose what your starting character was, and the available options included human, a few different aliens, and a robot, who was significant because he had way better stats then all the others but could only regain energy with batteries that you don't get until later in the game.

Anyone remember what I'm talking about?
# 2
Gaming / Payday 2
28-08-2013, 15:12:40 PM
It's a pretty cool game. Except that no one uses the mic, and, well, communication is sort of important.

Anyone get this game? Wanna start a YoureWinner Bank Robbing team?
# 3
Gaming / Half-Life 2
06-07-2013, 19:15:02 PM
Been playing a lot of Half-Life lately, and I have to say, I cannot find a problem with Half-Life 2. A friend and I challenged ourselves to think of a flaw with this game, and I think it's impossible. Any help?
# 4
03-04-2013, 20:31:40 PM
I would like your advice on how I should go about finding a commission artist who, for like $40, will draw a high quality hentai picture to my specifications.
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / College:
03-04-2013, 20:27:36 PM
Think of Ron Jeremy. Ya' know, the porn star, famous for having a 13 inch dick. Now imagine him as a big hulking, muscular black man. and I mean black. Like, coal at night black.

For at least eight weeks at this point, he has been taking ExtenZe & testosterone supplements daily, and has regularly been using a male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species-pump.
He has not been allowed to have any sort of sexual satisfaction or release during that period of time.
On top of that, his blood-plasma levels are currently at peak levels of a cocktail of a large dose of mehtylenedioxymethylamphetmine(Ecstasy) and a large dose of Sildenafil(Viagra).

Yet he still wouldn't be capable of handling the amount of dick that the MLA Format sucks.
# 6
Social/Off-Topic / Dvorak
15-02-2013, 22:55:20 PM
Perhaps it wasn,t the best the best idea to switch in the middle of the semester...

Im sure The community is tech savvy enouh to have experience with this. How long is it going to be before I'm back up to speed?
What sort of impact will this have on my keyboard shortcuts?
# 7
Same guy as before. He decides to trade me bass guitar for a computer. So I take an old motherboard I had lying around, tape on a powersupply, HHD, graphics card(one that occasionally has frame issues on Half-Life1) and heatsink, and just hand it to him at school.

Him: How big is the hard drive?
Me: 40GB
Him: (nods head) Nice. Say, how big is the hard drive on your computer at home?
Me: Two terrabytes.
Him: That's pretty good.
# 8
How should I handle this?

(and why the fetch is there not the option to edit the thread title?)
# 9
Acquaintance: (randomly)Hey, do you seed your torrents?
Me: (being the nihilist I am)No, why?(Expecting them to respond with some sort of ethical reason why I should)
Acquaintance: Did you know that if you don't seed your torrents, they can give you viruses
Me: What? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
Acquaintance: Yeah. It's true. I was browsing pictures the other day, and now i have a virus. My computer randomly opens a bunch of programs and it won't turn on.
(I then explained to him the nature of how torrents work, how getting a virus from not seeding your torrents is impossible, how getting a virus from an image file is impossible, and how a virus can't affect your computer's ability to power on. He legitimately didn't believe me on any of it.)

I'm not even exaggerating.

# 10
Feedback/Help / Hey steev
03-12-2012, 03:22:25 AM
Can you please make blood letters?

Thanks  :roddy:
# 11
Ask JCX / What graphics card should i buy
03-12-2012, 00:48:38 AM

I need HMDI & VGA output, PCIE x 16 input, and for it to be able to run L4D2 at say, 15 FPS med-hi settings, though I'm shooting for Max settings at 30 FPS with no v-sync.
and I got $75-$150ish. 
# 12
Social/Off-Topic / Making an SSD
29-11-2012, 21:00:26 PM
by RAIDing together 10 flash drives. 10 64gb usb 2.0 flash drives cost only about $30, double that for 3.0. A 3.0 hub is about $50. Sure, even with 3.0, it's going to be significantly slower because youre RAIDing together 10 flash drives, but it's still way cheaper than this:
Is there something I'm overlooking?, because the usb 3.0 flash drives and hub i assessed operated at nearly 1 Mbps(which is a lot, even if it's still a far cry from the ideal speed at which SSDs tranfer at)

Also, if someone could help me with the hyperlinks without giving me a pacifier post rating, that'd be cool.
# 13
Feedback/Help / Re
07-11-2012, 20:24:20 PM
While YW is undergoing all this swift change, I suggest that in the little recent posts box on the right, we bring back RE: in front of posts that are sent with quickreply
# 14
and personally informs you that you are a terrible person. Are you now morally obligated to commit suicide?
# 15
I saw a preview for it about 5 years ago on a PS2 demo compilation disc.

It took place in a desert like environment, had a talking cat, a freddy krueger-esqu character, an anime/JRPGish feel, and was made in 2006 for the PS2. Anyone? Help much appreciated
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