Windows 10 to make RESTRICTED BOOT a reality?
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bjorno the hedgehog
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what is that????????

 cheers m8
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With Secure Boot AKA possibly RESTRICTED BOOT your computer will only load an operating system that's been signed with Microsoft's secret key. You can pay Verisign $99 to sign your bootloader (which Linux distros have already done), or with some firmware but not all I believe you can add your own keys ( (Y) ). With Windows 8.x, Secure Boot was optional on Intel hardware, but with Windows 10 it doesn't have to be!!


Yes - you will still be able to run Linux on your Windows 10 PC. For now....

When implemented correctly it is a very good feature (Y) but WILL IT BE??? That is the question you have to ask yourselves.

I suggest you guys only buy from good guy OEMs like Dell who will surely make this optional or at least give you the freedom  to provide your own keys or just get a Chromebook and flash it with coreboot. Just to be safe....

So yea do not freak out (yet)

We'll probably be OK

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what if i want to run templeos

lana_chan my name is erin
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