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BROTRR Discussion / Re: BROTRR unboxing
06-05-2008, 21:31:49 PM
Great pics.  Gives me an idea - I now want to take a copy of Portal and paste BROTRR markings all over it and then return it to Gamestop so that when someone buys it, trying to be a true WINNER, they will only get the LOSERest Game Of The Year 2007.  I KNOW, I'M SO BAAAAAD!!!
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OMG JEWISH DIARY!?!???!?!?!?!
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The Roots aren't rap
but they are really good, you have good taste my fine sir
Welcome to the forems
Black Thought raps though... He raps well.  That's his super power.  That should count for something.

And thanks for the welcome!

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Social/Off-Topic / Re: Do not want
04-05-2008, 21:35:35 PM
Not saying I wouldn't do her, just saying I probably wouldn't ask for dome.
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Thanks DZ, EJ & ZIGS.  I hope to be a positive contribution to the Riganomics.
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Only good rap is Abdominal and Busdriver.
Can I assume that The Roots being left off of there was a simple oversight...?

Oh, and hi, I'm done lurking and wanted to say hi.
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