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# 16
Social/Off-Topic / REVEALED: Pic of steev
12-08-2016, 17:33:01 PM
# 17
Social/Off-Topic / juicing
12-08-2016, 17:31:01 PM
I just use synthol it's very popular in Latin American countries

OMG that guy's traps look like skinny shoulders and he's wearing those big fake rubber muscle arms from Spongebob Squarepants.
# 18
ZIGS doesn't need to be a pussy slayer. Pussy just runs up to him and commits seppuku on his junk. That's the power of a water-man.
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / 69
12-08-2016, 17:23:57 PM

Must be that time of the month
# 20
I used to like Gordon Ramsey but now I am a believer in Alton Brown. He teaches the SCIENCE of cooking.
# 21
Give them a roll of paper towels. They will appreciate not having to do any laundry. If they ask for a toothbrush, just point to the paper towels again, then mime like you're wrapping something around your finger. That will tackle any language barriers.
# 22
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 15:20:55 PM
I suppose it is cheaper than pinning $100 to my resume during the interview, but can anyone provide a testimonial to its effectiveness?
# 23
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 14:16:50 PM
no price is too high for those sweet sweet achievement cubes
I'm poor as fetch IRL, lots of prices are too high.
# 24
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 13:51:24 PM
At $13 a box, I think it'd officially be the most expensive food-related achievement cube.
# 25
Social/Off-Topic / GUESS WHO'S BACK
10-07-2016, 23:29:39 PM
I'm awaiting moderation
# 26
I miss our Turntable Room, but is there a reason this is still pinned?
# 27
Social/Off-Topic / Celebrity deaths
09-07-2016, 02:47:30 AM
It sucks the economy is so bad that I have to wait until the back-to-school specials before I can buy a new Glock
# 28
Social/Off-Topic / Nobody really likes SHAQ
09-07-2016, 02:45:49 AM
ruining their unauthorized cellphone photos, but we don't care what they think because DON'T MESS WITH SHAQ YOU :loser:

# 29
WINNER Help / What is your favorite font?
08-07-2016, 17:39:09 PM
Always had a soft spot for Helvetica.
# 30
Sports / Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt
07-07-2016, 01:56:33 AM
Also I've never seen Steev and Brock Lesnar together, so GUESS WHAT STEEV YOUR CHEST TATTOO IS DUMB
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